Argentina must change the productive matrix and make based on science and technology. (As it’s trying to do)

This basic research should be done with genuine resources and not depend on anyone.

The government must implement economic policies of the State, durable and credible, which are maintained by successive governments in the future.

Agribusiness, Steel, petrochemical and metal mechanics, are the sectors with greatest potential for growth and they should target the creation of technology.

Every technological process, accompanied mainly by an effective quality management at all levels and sectors of the economy, both public and private sector, enhance and ensure the chances of finding the path of development that our country deserves to be a privileged nation in terms of natural and human resources.

According to a recent survey worldwide, over 30 most developed countries, Argentina took 17th place in quantity and quality of scientists working in the country and beyond.

With the creation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, begins an important step for our country. By reversing as a result, the brain drain and the time to repatriate hundreds of these that in the 90s went.

In addition it must be implemented in secondary schools, social science, to explain what happens in our country. The poverty that our being a nation rich in natural and human resources. And thus cause a cultural change necessary to reverse the current model based on the commodities.

Responsibly should be investigated to give the producer of the field, alternatives that the incorporation of science and technology can profitably produce anything other than soy. As science became so efficient cultivation of maize. You can also do the same with other crops.

The state economy should focus on the cognitive sciences, to have authority to redistribute wealth among the population. As they who lead the innovation and development of technological and scientific advances.

The fields to investigate according to our needs and available resources arising from the increasing development of the country, would be: energy, health, agribusiness and social development

Research, to create biofuels from nonfood crops, seaweed, biomass, pasture and thus break the biofuels dilemma Food Vs.

All areas or departments of government must take science and technology to create an impact on all aspects of national life, as in the developed nations.

On the other hand the creation of knowledge should be associated mainly with the creation of wealth. For that it is the welfare of all people to redistribute it is the aim of our present government.

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