Modern technology as a means of world domination part – 1

At present, according to the rapid and continuous evolution of the world, the basis of the sovereignty of a state is no longer the standard of living, GDP, export capacity and nuclear capacity for some or all of them can result in underdeveloped or emerging countries and not have absolute sovereignty.

If not, are a small group of strategic technologies, which ensure a truly independent and sovereign nations.

These include: information technologies, knowledge transmission, robotics, obtaining energies of the future, nanotechnology, environment and more.

Develop some of these technologies, according to the intellectual capacity, resources, needs, comparative and competitive advantages can generate a powerful stream creation of high value added jobs, while at the same time generate higher productivity conditions to compete successfully in the world market.

This reality, envisioned by the U.S. (as always), more than 15 years ago, are pouring relentlessly, especially in information technology, knowledge development and knowledge. Elements that are in advanced technologies and modern independence.

Because of this, is that American businessmen, backed by his government buy up companies, establishing partnerships around the world to acquire technology or to fill in their experiences or neutralize its competitors.

To that end, American employers who use the latest technology, invest in the 1 to 3% of its turnover from sales to innovate and create new products.

Many new technologies created by the advanced nations, is regarded as state secret and not come to light, while no other technology will overcome this. They use only their own benefit, and communicate them, when they are already semiobsoletas.

In this context, tests are done, experiments in secret and even people of poor nations used for these experiments as “guinea pigs”.

Also, because of the enormous wealth that has the private sector of developed nations. They invest those funds in the creation of medical technology to continue breaking the logical path of human life. So much so that is supposed to measure the lapse of years or decades, humans may be immune to all illnesses and would cease to exist only for fatal accidents, where their organs are damaged beyond repair or replacement with artificial ones.

For this reason and other billionaires who are entering old age and see his death coming: Thanks to fabulous financial resources and trying to reverse his death logic. They invest in the preservation of their body intact for decades after their death, secrets and inhospitable places, hoping to continue to live in future ages, it is assumed that the science is so advanced that it can prolong life, as it is happening today. Please stick to the average life span that had the human being from his appearance on earth, was only 50 years and thanks to advances in science the current average is between 70 to 80 years. Sounds like science fiction, but many things that seemed so, given the reality.

Well someone said: “The country to lead the information revolution will be the most powerful of all” and that the American empire is doing according to their policy of domination.

In this respect, Europe is lagging, not investing massively and voluntarily, in these technologies essential to their growth and independence. Latin America, jointly composed, should guide the maintenance and development of a strong and competitive industrial base through scientific research, evaluation and preservation of knowledge, which alone can guarantee a possible technological independence, which is the basis for political independence. That developed countries will respect us and yet we have autonomy.

The main obstacle we must overcome Latin America. Is to convince member countries, that technological sovereignty is an absolute imperative. Regional cooperation is fundamental because no country can have a separate technology development comparable to U.S. companies.

In this sense, Latin America must have the joint aim of securing their sensitive business against the takeover of multinationals in the developed world. To not continue to rely on and still maintain decision-making

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