SMEs, in the current context of global crisis, more than ever are becoming aware that they can not fall behind in technology and an intelligent implementation can revitalize their business.

In this aspect, since many SMEs are encouraged to incorporate technology, following the lead of others who are better positioned in the competitive market to reckon with it.

Be assessed, which features expected from a technology and resources (human, infrastructure, services) requires SMEs.

In principle of course, the adaptation of a technology or a strategic reorientation, can generate resistance and headaches. To help avoid that, they plan an appropriate training of personnel and provide periods of adaptation to new processes.

This current global crisis, which is already affecting the entire world, where world trade is considerably reduced and thus the overall production. It is appropriate to introduce new technologies in SMEs, which may potentiate their productivity, mass production, generate innovative projects, gain new customers and boost their incomes, ages and no global crisis.

For example:

In a textile factory, implementing software to automate, facilitate and expedite the production of molds, is recommended. For it implies time savings, quality and accuracy in the molds.

For a restaurant, reduce customer waiting to be served at the same time expand consumption per table. It is advisable to deploy a software on a computer. This allows the manager or owner, keeping track of orders at each table and send it by printers set up in strategic locations (kitchen, drinks, barbecue etc.).. In addition to expediting the process, coordinate the order of orders, so that everyone comes to the table at the right time.

The installation, use and sale of videoconferencing solutions is feasible, as excellent business.

Established firms in this business, plan to cut up to 75% return per diem rental of meeting rooms, for these videoconferences, which can be for staff training, product launches, etc job interviews.

Surge this business, mainly because the costs of airfare, are becoming more expensive and you see this kind of communication (video conferencing) are cheaper and faster.

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