To interpret the present and immediate future of the globalized world, we must know the reality of advanced technologies of information and its social effects of their deployment and commercialization in society.

This was implemented at international level after the 2nd. World War, under the control of multinational corporations for profit and profit maximization.

The continued development of these technologies allows imperialist control of the people, by way of manipulating the minds of people through television, Internet and so on.

Because of this, is that the vast majority live in misery and material continues to live in a minority moral misery amid the opulence and waste of property. Despite the crisis that have been suffering, to develop an economy where speculation is far greater than production, with clear prejudice to the work and the benefit of speculative capital.

International analysts say that if all the technological advances worldwide, were used to benefit the entire world population would avoid suffering, deprivation of material goods, services and spiritual goods for more than 50 billion people and currently not we or 6 billion.

All this resulted in the present world crisis that comes from the first world power (EE: UU.), Which for decades lived and lives in opulence and extravagance, by marketing and deployment of information technology which exploits the policy to their interests, silencing and negating the associative of peoples.

U.S. and other powers, eventually exit their crisis they are facing, then these implementations other new forms of domination based on their dominance of disruptive technologies and the future to create, to continue to dominate and living off the underdeveloped countries.

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