Our moral development in diapers!

Big Dilemma!

transgenic-pigsScience and technology have advanced so rapidly that no longer seems to have brakes on their development. For a while scientists at the Polytechnic University of Virginia, USA, have created transgenic pigs to produce protein C, which could become the key to stroke prevention.

It is also known, hundreds of assistance programs that scientific and technological placed at the service of humanity. Genetic engineering has made huge strides and biomedicine is celebrating. Blessed is the science!

So, it is not unreasonable to think that within a few years, someone might consider a weekend trip to the moon, where artificial atmosphere is being planted as a basis for terricolonizacion.

Then abound, advertisements for the purchase of “beautiful and unbeatable batches Moon” Can anyone predict what will happen in the future at this rate at which the planet earth apparently witless in his ultra-fast race to renew it?

One word defines the rhythm of our time, says Diaz appreciated: Obsolescence. “We live obsolete before it has met our deadline, we entered unemployment before they have taken the job. The world beyond us, we retire”

In today’s world there is no place for this. Everything is future. The machine manufacturer has produced and progressed so far that crushes his own producer. Add you. Gentle reader, without saying much to me regarding this issue.

However, the level of moral development of mankind is not matched with the technology. It is easy to do science and technology. The hard part is to be good, honest and consistent. As science advances, ethics is declining.

Morality is an unresolved year after year.

While two plus two is always four, in the field of ethics, which just looks good, other, doubly good, in contrast to other, no good.

Needy ethical identity, a large number of fellow countrymen, parents, professionals, academics, teachers, students, etc, say that in terms of values everything is relative, nothing is truth or lie, depending according to the eye of the beholder.

So it should be noted that postmodern man is a sick animal, etymologically speaking (in-firmis, do not sign): walks with a foot shorter than the other. Overgrown tecnites steel arm at the expense of the most beautiful thing is the human. His spirit, his inner soul.

The big question I can not answer is: What are so many schools and universities here and there if you do not solve the serious problem of comprehensive education and awareness of man? Are not we can help the school to be more individual, more people, more decent, without ceasing to be more technological?

Hopefully we can rectify and encompass both the technological and ethical and that schools, colleges and universities assist in this way, then what good are these institutions if not to be good, remaining conscious without ceasing to be techniques ? Teachers and professors, too, have something to improve!

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