Biography of Jacques VILLERET

villerret_jacquesActor and Artist (French)
Born February 6, 1951
Died January 28, 2005 (age 53 years)

Jacques Villeret experiencing a happy childhood during which he becomes aware of his early comic potential with his classmates. It nourishes and plan to become an actor. In adolescence, it is marked by the revelation of a family secret: he discovers that his real father is not who he believes. He warned then a deep wound. Completed high school, he spent the Conservatory of Tours, before joining the National Conservatory. There is particular to Professor Louis Seigner. In the early 1970s, he notched up comedy and vaudeville in the Company Tassancourt Marcelle. His film debut is marked by the encounter of two directors who remain loyal to him: Yves Boisset, who hired him to interpret one called the war in Algeria in the drama SAR in 1972, and Claude Lelouch, who named a visiting Lifetime (1974).

The same developer is Claude Lelouch to the actor in him with two leading roles in The Good and the bad in 1976, then Robert and Robert, who earned her a Cesar for Best Supporting Actor in 1979. Successful collaboration: the two men worked together on nine feature films. Alternating comedies Copyright (Rien ne va plus Jean-Michel Ribes, 1979) and popular movies (Beast but disciplined by Claude Zidi, 1979), Jacques Villeret builds an image of small round fun and moon, rather distant from what it is in life. He confided about this in the press: ‘I’m a perfectionist to the point of being obsessive. Doing comedy is moderately fun if I do not have what I want, if it does not fall to the millimeter, I crack up and bite excessive anger “(L’Express, 11/06/2003).

He seems to have no limit, agreeing to go to the zany comedy and heavy alien in The Cabbage Soup in 1981 include the enormous success makes definitely famous. He does not hesitate to don the skin of characters in French means a bit stupid, cowardly and timid Move along there’s nothing to see Patrice Leconte (1983), exuberant in Grandpa made resistance by Jean-Marie Poire (1983), or the village idiot in Summer sloping Krawczyck Gerard (1987). Jacques Villeret also surprising appearances in feature films most hermetic (First Name Carmen Jean-Luc Godard, 1983).

The actor does not give up the boards and mounted several one-man show, in the image of the bass taken from the work of Patrick Suskind in 1990. His career suffers from cyclical depression that drives him to alcohol and forced him to cancel some performances. After a bad patch in the middle film of the 90s, the actor returns with a bang with The Dinner nerds, he had previously played in the theater, and whose triumph in her career again with a Cesar award for best actor in 1999 .

Very much in demand, it betrays more of his dramatic talent at such films as The Children of John Marsh Becker (1999). This director will direct again on A Crime in Paradise (2001) and Strange Gardens (2003). Jacques Villeret string of successes (Malabar Princess and Viper in the Fist in 2004, Iznogoud 2005), to the filming of Yves Angelo’s Grey Souls and Patrons of Frederic Forestier, his final feature film. He died of internal bleeding Jan. 28, 2005 in Evreux, at the age of 53 years.

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