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When my head comes to mind, it is true, and something in it looks weird, I can not calm down until not understand it and not find some logical explanation, but then I calm down and live more …

And now, to my mind randomly came the question: What one needs to be happy, to be cheerful and happy, namely, why some need so little, while others, always for something, struggling and are glad that surrounds them, Besides that they already have?
To begin with, that everyone has different needs, someone will be happy to ride in shuttle bus from work, satisfied with another taxi, and the third will be a little Toyota and he wants BMW. But what type should strive? Trite, if you tell them to see who is riding in a taxi.

Actually, I have guides on the above proposal of all people into three groups: 1. those who are happy almost all of their surroundings, they get joy out of life, this category of people do not need much 2. those who are happy with the need to alternate, but work hard to move for the better or stay the same at that level, which now stand, or to attempt at times to arrange a joy 3. these are the people who endlessly strive for something better, they never get enough of what they already have in my head instead of the usual joy of wandering plans on how to make even something better.

The first group of people, including quite a few 5-10%, in my opinion, it could be people with disabilities. I am always amazed by their strength of will, and the fact that these people are in many cases able to enjoy more of life than those who live much better than them. It would seem that they have nothing interesting and valuable in life, but it seems, I think, just from the outside. I’ve never been in this group of people, unfortunately, can not even describe the flight of their thinking. For me, it remains a secret.

The second group of people, most of them, more than half they alternated with the joy of a disappointment, try to make something better, but doing it as a limp is not intended to achieve very much, eventually they did not achieve live perfectly natural, normal for Most life. We will not sharpen its focus on this group.

The third group is like archeologists, ever be something to dig I do not know, maybe the process of digging, creating a better life can not enjoy what is already there. Frankly, I can hardly be referred me to a group, but if the same force myself to make a choice, I would have identified themselves with the third group. And if I actually write a little about yourself, you will understand why I still need to be referred to the third group. I enjoy simple little things, I can not do it, even when I understand that occasion, as it is. I can not to anything to stop when I see what I can do something better for myself, I will not stop and will do so until such time until the finish, but even the striving for something, like joy quickly disappears and I want something new, I just always like to make just what I want.

As a result, I can not say anything more, except that people can not be all the same, this phrase can give answers to many questions of this kind. There are three groups, no less no more, can not be one, otherwise humanity would not be moved forward or the notion of happiness would have been extremely rare, and so the whole world has gray tones. Maybe life would not exist if everyone were of one particular type, the same, or life would be transformed into something new, in what we do not know. “

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