My main technical and psychological problems, or thinking out loud

This post I would like to devote their thoughts alone, then that day by day, or every day, sometimes day after two disturbs My Mind. We Will talk about My Strategy and Technology Trade in the Market.

I Have short-Term Trader, One Who WAS bitten and gone, But Not the One Who grabbed the Victim Until the moment When Her Heart stops (read: end the Trend). I do Not need a lot of traffic, I need a Little sharp, Quick Movements, I CAN make a profit for 2.1 Minutes, and Sometimes even a few Seconds is enough to Get Scheduled. What do I need to login? In the First place I Will Look at Potential traffic for the day or Hour chart ever (although there are exceptions) I will not go to Long when I feel that is nearing the top of the pulse, and will not be shorts on the bottom, this is the first thing I look – this is the potential movement I ‘ m SO relaxed, even if the Market Will Still for Some time in the direction of the Trend Movements in the correction, I always Closed in Plus, or without loss. But this does Not Happen, I do Not Let Yourself Lose money. Always, when drawdown starts in less that starts to confuse me, I wonder: “Acne and why should I lose money?” I am asking this for myself and get an answer that I have no right to lose money and close the deal or knocks on my foot. I’ve reached the point where normally treat a small loss, they do not irritate me, and do not press on psyche, as it did in the first six months, and maybe more.

Caught a moose – is remarkable that lost more of such ideas help to see the situation from getting damages easier. Another factor, which I will turn the attention required, it “sucks” the market, my eyes I suggest that the reduction in volatility is to wait, let the schedule clogged the narrow corridor, and the longer it will stay there, the more attractive will become the currency pair for me . A very important rule – low volatility gives rise to high, and judging from the statistics and observations, that the markets are flat in about 2 / 3 of the time, respectively, which are not necessarily trade all the time. No less important point for me is the short stop, I said, I do not like to suffer great losses, so I’ll go into a deal only when I see that you can put a short stop. But I also have problems, and the one I’ll tell you that the most weight for me.

I really want to go into indicator or even combine it with day trading, I would really like to trade in violation of a trend, that is when the trend ends and conditions, such as: the breakdown of the trend line, the breakdown of short-term minimum or maximum, depending on whether , bullish or bearish market. I would like to trade trend on the hourly charts, and trading is such fractures trends, such transactions would have taken about 1.5 – 3 weeks. But my way 2 reasons: I used to not lose much, and to trade on the hourly chart, I have to increase the stop, otherwise it will just take down if you use the one I use now, trading on the Orientation meeting, I will have to sit in the transaction so long as I have never sat on me psychologically, it crushes, the absence of the daily trading process, if I throw the internet trading.

But I do this in the near future is not going, not looking at it as something necessary to solve existing problems, which, incidentally, is not technical, I also can not sell itself hourly charts, as well as five-minute, the problem is psychological. It turns out that I am my own enemy, because of the fact that I do not have enough exposure and the normal reaction to a bigger feet. Now, I think you understand that psychological problems are much more serious technical, learn to see the entry and exit points, set stops can learn faster than foster the spirit of the trader is a trader, which you yourself and to dream.

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