Weekly technical analysis of GBP-USD June 20-24

Last Sunday, we wrote “On the upside this week should be back to- over 6330 and 6380 to go to 1.64. However, with a daily macd bearish this seems difficult at present to see the parity back. Also, it is best to wait and be put down to 6150 or 6050. On these points, we can reposition themselves to purchase. “Parity and finished 6191 on Friday.

Last week, following a number of English statistics rather unfavorable, the cable has followed the same path as the euro earlier this week to find themselves in 6050/80 before rebounding to 1.62.

We are always in our range of 1.60/1.67 and we may stay a little while and that as we are in- above 1.60 and 5980.

This week, no statistics that can upset the particular market and so we will play the same points as last week ie purchase in 6080/50 and 6120/50 area for 6250/80 and 6320/30

A passage above 6330, returns the parity of 6380 and 6450, the top of the range through today. Points that can be sold unless the daily macd meanwhile, gives us a buy signal.

Our advice for the week:

between 6050 and buyer 6150 and 6450 to 6250:
We sell 6380/6450 to 6150/6050
We buy for 6050/6150 6250/6380/6450

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