Weekly technical analysis of EUR- USD July 11-15

Last week, we were particularly wrong about the ECB before. Most of the time, an announcement of a Euro rate hike is a sign of strong support and hence a contract drawn up. It did not happen and instead grant that has gender down, unable to return to- above 4380. Worse, the decline in 1.43 resulted in a bearish signal to appear in daily. Yet one would have thought that after the episode the Greek situation would go away and that rising rates would have been a good opportunity to push up the euro. But the deterioration in the financial score of Portugal has strengthened the dollar even as the U.S. figures were bad or average.

What can we expect this week from the EUR- USD? Graphically the daily MACD is bearish and the parity is in a triangle with as low, the area of 4220/10. Because of this, and if we fail to stay on Above these levels, then we should return to 4180 and 4150. These points are still important supports to overcome before a wider decline to those of 23 May, ie 4050/20 and 3980/70 area rebound.

Last week, 4380 and 4420 have obstructed the rise and they have allowed vendors to reposition itself for 4220. Because of this, and as long as you do not iron at- Above these points of resistance, the trend remains bearish in daily and therefore supports our goals priori bear.

When upward in a downtrend, it will serve for now and in 4380/4420 to open positions on the decline. Obviously, if the market takes on 4220/40 and 4380 we can then board a return on 4480/4520 is widely possible. But with a daily macd bearish this seems difficult for now.

However buyers try to buy 4240/20 to 4350/80 with a return may be the U.S. supports many statistics of the week

Our advice for the week, We buy and sell 4220/40 4350/80:

It sells for 4240/20 4180/50 and 4080/50
We buy for 4240/20 4350/80
We buy for 4380/95 4420/40

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