Weekly technical analysis of GBP- USD July 4-8

The situation is now to settle on the British pound after a difficult week and bounces over the area of media 5930/80 which led us to return to- above 1.60 and finish 6070 on Friday.

Last week we were vendor on a parity with daily macd bearish and GBP- USD has strengthened. The daily MACD is now turning to this and certainly the meeting of the Bank of England Thursday, July 7.

For now, we will wait no meeting because the British financial authorities do not seem to lend themselves to change their policy of low interest rates. However, before each announcement, the price should go up a bit.

Therefore, we will remain a buyer for return on 6150. In above this point, the daily MACD bullish cross and should return to 6250/80.

Failure of 6150/80 is expected to lower parity in 1.60. But nevertheless, the area of 5930/80 was to prevent a larger fall and will serve as entry points for a return to- above 1.60.
As the euro, we will focus Friday on U.S. unemployment and Nomfarm Payrolls may be the trigger for a decline or on the contrary a further rise.

Our tip for the week are bought for 6180/6250

We sell 5980 for 6150/6250
We buy for 6050/6150 6250/6380/6450

Statistics that can influence the currency pair

U.S. National Holiday July 4
July 7th Meeting of the ECB
July 8 Unemployment rate
Nonfarm Payrolls

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