Intuition in Trading

Any sane trader would say that the need for trade: the algorithm, the rules system, call it what you will, and argue with him would be, frankly, just silly. Trading should be reduced to simplicity, at the same time be as formalized. And that means a formalized? Maybe, if everything is so exactly prescribed, should entrust trading robot, a computer program? However, not all that easy for a robot. It’s hard to explain, but the car is significantly different from the person, it just performs pre-specified man of action.

People, in turn, processes the information is not as precise and algorithmic that gives him the advantage over trading robot. Why teach a person to talk to a lot easier? Child after a year or less after birth, says the first words, and soon the entire proposal. The computer has been around for a long time, but on artificial intelligence are still working, and now the iron is still very far from the person in terms of what we call intelligence. The fact that a trader can simply learn to present the robot programming language is very difficult, but man, these rules will be an algorithm.

However, I have met several times during the trading day with the feeling that might be called intuition. My strategy is fairly clear, as the opening position and at the closing, but for me I noticed as I get out of position just to call intuition. Please do not confuse it with fear, which makes close any profit, this feeling is not fear. Such premature closure is not part of my algorithm, and most importantly, I can not clearly explain why I make a decision to close the deal. The explanation I have subjective: I see exactly how changes in real-time quotes, look at what the “mood” of movements that you can not always see looking at even minute candles. In my subconscious after a large number of observations there was a kind of base patterns, that is, I see the “mood” of the movement when the market is ready to keep going in my direction, and when preparing to turn. This is not fantasy, and I’m not always right, using such exits, but sometimes it helps me close the profit almost at the extremum. It is difficult to say whether met someone else with such feelings or not, the fact that they are nowhere and no one are described, and do not come immediately, but only after prolonged close monitoring of changes in prices.

With regard to entry points, here I do not watch anything in this. Each input is highly formalized and based only on the algorithm.

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