We escaped the GBP / USD New

European history. Italy and Spain (step and 500 points) make records with their risk premium and their respective government bond markets soar in creating more uncertainty. And is that the problems in the Eurozone will have no where to finish in the short term, and from this platform my advice is to hit (sell) with intelligence and in a timely manner. The forex has the great advantage that should not be missed. Study.

On the other hand, pairs like the Australian dollar and the pound continued to give good trading opportunities in the short term and purely technical contexts (eye here have nothing to do with the fundamental ). We discussed in several of the Webinars that we developed in vivo, a possibility to implement the strategy of the soldiers in the 1.5670 area where you can observe there is a good area of congestion in yellow. Not only that, on October 12 there is a large white candle (a great soldier system) that would not leave the region yellow drill so easy and so carefully was that we were expecting the arrival of the price to that context.

10 to 20 pips did not come to our reference price. Yet they form a nice black cock (marked in red) that was a good input signal. The truth is that I wanted the price come down a little more to get into buying, but the figure (the hammer), the soldier, the congestion zone and sent to the pound about 170 pips up, as we discussed. I know that several of our supporters came in and that makes me very happy. Opportunities abound and if you operate prudently market will always be there to be a sea of ​​possibilities and make a profit. Even in the context of great uncertainty and this operation is an example of this. I was waiting for this for several days and I escape for a little bit. A pity, but I take it in good vibes and patience. Do not operate to operate, trading is a lot of discipline and discretion. Only then will understand the financial markets.

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