Technical Analysis EUR- CHF 2012

A t last December, we wrote “when a vendor at the landfill, it is true that the Swiss National Bank to ensure that parity does not pass under 1.20. Because of this and as long as we stay in- above 1.20 with stoploss around 1945, should continue to play the top of the range to 2450. However, one day it will crack in one direction or another and you must also prepare, hence the stoploss. “Finally, parity remained wisely between 1.20 and 2450 continuing its range since September 2011.

Adviser at the beginning of the year?
Can be simply to continue to play the given points, until it cracks.

Indeed, it seems that the Swiss National Bank has set up a first line of defense between 2150 and 2080. So every time we approach these levels, purchases come back to the course. Vendors know this and do not insist (for now) and play the range.

The second line of defense is on 2050/20 to 1970/60 with stoploss. If it comes to these levels, the volatility will surely become more nervous. But as long as we stay in- above 1970, should be taken on a return of paris 1.24.
Now it is certain that if the line of 1.20 is at the seams, the sale of stoploss cascade could lead to parity in 1820 and 1.15.

Conversely, there are many sellers between 2420 and 2480 with stoploss at- over 2520 and as one does not glean the stoploss will be difficult to go higher. But above above 1.25, is 1.30 which is in sight.

Graphically, the MACD is bullish weeks and as long as we remain in- above 1.20, the trend remains bullish.
The monthly MACD has just sent us a bullish reversal signal and it can be inferred that the decline is over. Well and during the year, we should rather go to 1.30.

Finally, the daily macd for the month of January is still bearish. However, this is only the consolidation and also the level of 1.20 is crucial between the rise and fall.

Now the problem is whether the difficulties of the euro going they not as the year passed, affect the parity and then again during a return to 1.00, for the time being in contradiction with our indicators, case to be continued …

Our strategy Euro- CHF for January 2012: it continues to play the points of the range

It sells for under 1.1980/70 1.1820/1.15 stoploss 1.2055
We buy 1.2020 stoploss 1.1955 to 1.23/1.2520
It sells for under 1.2450 stoploss 1.2485 1.2150/2050
We buy for 1.2540/50 1.2920/2980 stoploss 1.2440

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