USD-CHF forex analysis for the week of Jan 30 to Feb 3

T he last week, we wrote, “In the fall and in the media, it may be pushed back in a danger zone that could range from a few weeks, see parity out the bottom and why not turn around …. So, only 0.9220/9180 area could still be an obstacle. But in the latter uncertainty will dominate “and eventually went parity at the close of 0.9124 on Friday.

The Swiss franc has taken the high against the dollar at the end of January. After thinking for a moment that we could escape to 0.9720 and 1.00, our objectives for the year 2012, it seems that some have decided to play a trick with a return of 0.90 and 8980.

It is true that we are not there yet, and finally, parity may have the means to bounce off current levels (above 0.9080) to return to the high of 0.9520.

However, the daily macd is always bearish and it is best to follow it. And also as 0.9070, it is likely that we will go straight to test the psychological point of 0.9020 (0.8980/70 as carriers).
These points may be strong enough for a return slightly in order to consolidate the purchase to later go back to 0.95.

To increase and rebound, the objectives will be 0.9320 and 0.9380 on. But for now, it will be difficult to go above and these points can be used to reposition vendors to come to 0.9020. And so long as one does not pass above 0.9320/80, the trend remains bearish in daily.

So beware if you are a buyer, because the pressure is going to be between 0.9120 and 0.9070 high, hence the need for stoplos above 0.9050.

Our tips for the week: 0.9020/0.8970 expected to buy or slightly 0.9120/0.9080

We buy 0.9080/0.9120 for 0.9320/9380
We sell 0.9070 to 0.9020/0.8980
We buy 0.9080/0.9180 for 0.9020

Statistics that can influence the currency pair

Jan. 31 German Unemployment
February 1st US ADP
January 3rd US NFP

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