USD-CHF forex analysis for the week of February 13 to 17

The last week, we wrote, “The brave will buy (slightly) the 0.9120/0.9080 zone supports a return to 0.9320” and even if parity has struggled to stay above 0.91, it ended at the close of 0.9169 on Friday evening with good numbers USD.

Again, the news has disturbed the parity that has lived as the Eurodollar rate in ads and soundbites from Athens. Sunday evening and Monday morning, we should be fixed on the coming trends. Good news from the Greek parliament is expected to lower parity to go under 0.91 0.9020/8980.

Obviously bad news could get high the dollar and lead us back to 0.9320. Yet will he spend this last point because otherwise it would be a shot for nothing.

However, be careful because the numbers are good US right now and this has resulted in support for the dollar. Thus, we could see an upswing in parity.

Where to buy above 0.9320 for 0.9120/0.9080 with stoploss below 0.9070. As in above 0.9330, we could see back quickly 0.9520. The daily MACD is close to cross up is to try. But beware the trap on high for buyers as this delay will not forgive.

Finally and if parity were to go under 0.9070 a significant decrease could lead us on 0.9020 and 8980. For this, we will sell with stoploss above 0.9120.

Our tips for the week: It is slightly above the buyer is selling below 0.9120/0.9080

We buy 0.9080/0.9120 for 0.9320/9380
We sell 0.9020/0.8980 for 0.9070
We buy 0.9080/0.9180 for 0.9020
We buy for 0.9320/30 0.9520

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