G8 meetings

The discussions between the Heads of State and Government held in private and confidential, in an informal setting, their content is not made public. The same applies for ministerial meetings and meetings of working bodies of the G8. At the same time, the G8 is designed to ensure transparency of its work and to strengthen the dialogue with public organizations and non-governmental organizations.

The functions of the G8 is based on the principle of consent. Usually, as a result of the summits or ministerial meetings, will take joint documents that are distributed through the media. For international events of particular importance, the statements by the G8 leaders or ministers have agreed without taking personal meetings.

Moreover, in the G8 all the relationships and interactions occur through a flexible and multi-level, which guarantees the effectiveness of the functions. An important role in the process of preparation for the summit is played by the periodic meetings of Foreign Ministers, held on the eve of the individual vertices and around the UN General Assembly sessions, with extraordinary meetings that are held in the case where it was needed, and those of finance ministers, held on the eve of the summit and will coincide with the sessions of the IMF and World Bank. Meetings of other ministers take place through an agreement during the summit. Between these meetings including those of ministers of environment, energy, social development and employment, health, education, home affairs and justice, science and technology and others.

All the preparatory work is guided and coordinated by Sherpas, who are the personal representatives of Heads of State and Government, the channel is also used to exchange confidential information.

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