Technical analysis of forex market March 28,2012

Beautiful day yesterday with an increase of the resistance area of 3380/70 for a return of 3330/20, the lows this morning. Today should be much like yesterday with a lot of volatility and macroeconomic figures. Our tip of the day, 3320/10 will remain as before, and supports our area as we take over so we can play increase on 3350, the intermediate zone and 3380/70, the resistors. The buyers will put the stoploss between 3305 and 3295.

An underpass would be 1.33/3290 bearish for 3280/70 and 3250 which in principle should stop any larger decline.
The 30 mins is bullish this morning, but this is only the consolidation and better is to play lightly with the purchase of media items. But up to sell with stoploss between 3395 and 3405. Above 3395 then 3420/50 will be the next targets.

The morning was calm before and after the English and parity GDP remained between 3330/20 and the resistance area of 3360/70. Our board of the afternoon, we expect the statistics of US 14:30 “commands Durable goods “which is good and therefore expected favorable to the dollar. As a result and if we stay under 3380/90 then the parity test may come back down to 3320/10. On these levels, there are buyers with stoploss between 3305 and 3290 and sellers below for 3280/70.

In addition, 3350 will remain as our staging area this morning, namely above, a return to the area of resistance and a decrease to below the area of media.

30 mins The MACD is still bullish but in 3380/70, it is only consolidation.
The 4am is in turn bearish in 3380/70. But again, wait.

On the upside, and an output for consolidation, you have to go 1.34 or 3395 and is a barrier which defends the options area. A shift of 1.34 could make room for 3420/50.

On the downside, and in 3295/90, then the next area of support would be on 3280/70 and 3250 which should stop for now any greater reduction.

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