USD-CHF forex analysis for the week of March 26 to 30

The last week, we wrote, “under Seller and buyer 0.9280/9320 to 0.9120 over 0.9330 to 0.9380 and 0.9420/9480” and finally, the USD-CHF has declined again for the support of 0.9080/70 and end the week on 0.9077.

For some time, as in other parities, we remain in a range between 8980/70 and 0.95. It seems that for now it suits many people since it ensures a certain stability over.

For us, it is convenient also because it is best to play the points of support and resistance and wait for it to go on the objectives. Nevertheless, it is certain that this situation can not continue forever and it will come out.

Graphically, the daily MACD has just sent us a bearish signal. But can it be considered bearish? Where is it still yet another signal of consolidation?

Either way is very fast, we should be set as an underpass should provide us with 0.9070 and 0.9020 points of supports 0.8980/70 and as the daily MACD is bearish this is what it is best to follow for moment and especially under 0.9150/80.

On the upside and above 0.9120 / 4 (sellers of these levels) then a return to 0.9180 and 0.9220 could emerge. Note that we still have this reversed BEEN which can always bring us back to 0.9520. It would be invalidated under 0.9080.

Our tips for the week: Seller under 0.9080/9120 to 0.9020 and buyer above 0.9180 and 0.9280

We buy 0.9130/40 for 9220 and 80
It sells for 0.9080/9120 0.9020/8980
It sells for 0.9280/9320 0.9120/0.9020
We buy 0.9080/0.9180 for 0.9020

Statistics that can influence the currency pair

March 28 GB GDP
March 29 Price Index US
March 30 Michigan

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