Analysis of the Currency April 30, 2012


For the session today exchange ratio we can predict the opening of a long position in the case where the price should exceed the price of 1.3250, with the first objective 1.3270 and 1.3290 with the second objective. With regard to a drop of this cross, if the price were to fall below an altitude of 1.3230, then we could close with first lens to 1.3210 and with a second target at 1.3200.


Going to see this exchange ratio, for today we might consider opening a long position if the share price over give 0.8140, by fixing the first lens portion and the second lens 0.8160 0.8180. If the price falls to 0.8120 share, then the first goal at a height of 0.8110 and 0.8800 share for the second goal.


For the exchange rate between U.S. dollar and Japanese yen, we might consider opening a long position with the first goal at a height of 80.40, 80.50 in the first goal and second goal in 80.60. If the share price should fall to 80.20, then the first goal would share 80.10 80.00 share and the second goal.


The price of this exchange ratio could rise above 1.6320 share, then we could set the first target at an altitude of 1.6340 and 1.6360 share of the second goal. If the price falls below an altitude of 1.6270, then our first goal would be 1.6260 share and 1.6250 share our second goal.

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