For those who are looking for motivation

Looking around three quarters of people are decomposed, a little less than one quarter are constantly in search of motivation. Monotone work, coolly performing only a few tasks. On decomposing not much to say, to some extent, just a pity those people who can not bring himself to act in a simple way – too lazy. But the rest of this quarter, which, like, all are aware of, but something prevents them forever on the way to the execution of goals. And then they start looking for motivation.

In the first place, they begin to read about the success of others, I understand that this is encouraging, but the interest of others’ success should not become a hobby. If it is necessary – choose their idol, but take action. Plan and turn ideas into your head can be infinitely long, but if you do nothing, nothing will change in a pipe dream. It will be easier to understand what I mean, if you give real life examples.

I have a friend who is 2 years in trading, learned the theory of “a” to “I”, but even a demo account does not dare to open, even though each of our conversation is always 50% on trading. The man is quite adequate and is aware that the work will have a lot, especially at first. But people are afraid of themselves begin to work themselves to make yourself do something. Remember how long you should take the initiative to make something yourself? We are all accustomed to the example of the school, what to do “this and that” at least go to school, or wait for trouble, but all these actions Combining. When you do not like their boss, their job and are afraid to lose it, this is also a little nice. And most importantly, this behavior is fundamentally self dulls initiative, without it, alas, people just drifting, and he himself is not able to choose anything. It’s not free people. Frankly, it is, most do not need freedom. They need a teacher in a school, a teacher at the university, the boss at work. Maybe they would like to do their favorite thing, but they just do not have enough forces, primarily moral.

Go work out. It is serious, call now to all those who are looking for motivation in life. Do you have enough moral strength, develop the strength to physical. As the saying goes: “In a healthy body – healthy mind” and I’m not kidding. Sports will develop the necessary qualities you have, and so that no more motivation you will not need. It is not necessary to do from a Olympic champion, you need to develop a training program for themselves and engage in at least 5 days a week for 1-3 hours. Choose what you prefer, it does not matter what it is: running, biking, swimming, gym, fitness center, tennis or something else. The only important thing is that you will regularly carry out the plan. I recommend the sport – because it is the easiest way, but still worth the effort.

Somewhere else in the class 8.7, I realized that I can not stand this whole system, which offers us a school. It just brings up the slaves of us, instead, to give a person to develop themselves, we teach the program that we are likely to absolutely not interesting. In 12-13 years, when I realized how search engines work on the Internet, I was immediately interested in search engine optimization. I was completely indifferent to all the lessons in school, even all together, I did not receive such interest as in the case where learned something new from the SEO. Later, I became acquainted with trading, and he was interested in me with the same force. My point is that everyone has their own interests, but most of them just kills. If you have an interesting idea, do everything to realize it.

If you still have not found it yet, do not worry. Just work out, I’m not kidding The first time you feel that you can do something independently, be able to escape from the whip boss, from a surrogate of the slaves. This will change your character, and yet you are sure to find their job and give him all his life, and finally find the motivation to stop every act a little bit.

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