Technical analysis of forex market April 10,2012

The Easter holidays are over for traders and Serious business again this morning. Spain is still the daily menu with concern and even a downward trend resumes. Our advice in the morning, we’re ironing falling to 1.31 to the area of 3080/70. The MACD is bearish 30 mins. But this is the decline or consolidation. This will decrease the area under the supports of 3080/70 for a return to 3030/20 and the consolidation if we take these points with a Range to 3120/30 and maybe 50.

Nevertheless, the trend is bearish and should be back above 3130/40 to find buyers. Indeed, and as long as they stay under these headings, the sellers will reposition itself for sale.

On the upside, buyers are 3080/70 with stoploss between 3060 and 50 for a return to 3120/30 and higher towards 3180.
In 3070, then declining prevail for 3020/10, points to buy with stoploss below 1.30 until 2990. Below the stop sells for 2980/70.

The afternoon is no statistical significant U.S. and we should stay above 3080/70. However be careful because as we saw yesterday stoploss may be affected and parity soar abruptly in one direction or another. Our board of the afternoon, 3060 acted as support for this morning without now we can go over and go back to 3080 and above 1.31.
There is a lack of volatility is important and we put up tomorrow on the current points up to 3120/30.
Let us wait back on 3020/30, the day tomorrow.

Also, vendors will sell in 3090 with stoploss between 3095 and 3105 to 3020/10.
Above 3095, the price should be back on 3120/30 but sellers are below 3140 with buy stop above for 3180.
Be bought over 1.30 because we have a barrier of options that defends the area for 1.33.

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