Successful forex trader’s attitude

Being forex trader needs to be more intelligent and experts, is to be, fair and disciplined. For the market you have spent hundreds of thousands of people and nearly all have been many surprises. Some have joined with the desire to amass great wealth (because that’s what it seemed) in no time, however, saw daily as its capital waned to disappear completely.

So I’ve deigned to capture part of my experience and the experience of those forex gurus, for all a person who wants or quella is starting as an operator in the Forex market you to consider the advice, which when taken in becomes seriously useful tools when opening operations.
Achieving success in currency trading requires forex trading contest and avoiding numerous difficulties much, or more, which makes finding and executing winning trades. In fact, most professional traders will tell you some of the specific trading methodologies that make traders are successful without patience are general rules to those traders strictly adhere that keep them “in the game” time sufficient for success. Below are the most common mistakes that traders believe the currency trading?

This list is not in order of importance.
1. He does not have a trading plan in place before the trade is executed. An operator with a specific plan of action, is like a traveler with a map in hand and knows when and how to operate ca. Traders without trading plan are flying pre-determined, but not with his own wings, but are driven by the winds of circumstances and does not know where it will go.

2. Inadequate money management. You do not need a fortune to trade the forex markets successfully. Operators with less than $ 1,000 in their accounts of trade and currency trading can succeed and traders with $ 50,000 or more in their accounts of exchanges and losing everything in a jiffy. Part of trading success boils down proper money management that is fully understood from the margin and margin available.

3. Expectations of being a millionaire in so short a time can be counterproductive. No doctor or lawyer becomes successful in a couple of years. All those who want to succeed have to pass through the fire test. Forex losses are imminent, but precisely these losses are luck we educate in the field of “battle”. It takes hard work and perseverance to achieve success in any field of activity and currency trading is no different.

4. Failure to use protective stops .Necessarily the marketer must provide negative operations because nobody in Forex is an effective operator. Being a remarketing that feature being volatile and unpredictable. To protect our capital we have to use the “stop Lost” and then it will be considered a good money management tool, but not perfect because there is no perfect tools for money management in forex trading.

5. Lack of “patience” and “discipline.” While these two virtues are overworked and often mentioned when determining what do not miss missing traders in binary options, many argue its merits. The market will do what the market wants to do – and no one can force the hand of the market.

6. Trading against the trend and try to pick the top and bottom in the markets. It is human to want to buy low and sell high (or sell high and buy low for traders on the short side). Unfortunately, that’s not at all a proven means of making profits in forex trading. Here, all you have to prevail is patience. As the market reiterate never act the way we want it sharing.

7. Leaving journey losing positions too long. If trading losses are piling up, it’s time to cut the trade, even though the temptation to do more operations to recover assets of negotiation just lost. Failure accepts full responsibility for its own actions. When you have a losing trade or are in a losing streak, do not blame your broker or other person. You are responsible for your own success or failure in negotiations.

8. Failure to take the role of innovation. Each transaction that is negative should be cause for more research and learn to make business decisions. If you feel that you are in firm control of their own business, so why you feel this way? You must make immediate changes that put in firm control of their own destiny and trade. Ask for advice, tips in the forums! Cry Help! and you’ll see it was worth it.

9. Failure to obtain a broader perspective, based on a market. One can see a daily bar chart and have a short-term perspective on a market trend. But it’s comforting to see the longer-term outlook may be weekly to monthly.

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