Gurgaon Projects That can Give You Better ROI

Had a home buyer been asked a couple of years back whether or not he would invest in a house in Gurgaon; the answer may have come with a considerable uncertainty. The city was reeling under the detrimental effects of the recession that had hit the residential property market in the country. But the situation has changed now. Throughout last year, the prime issues that were plaguing the country were dealt with. The most important change that happened in 2014 was the installation of a new central government, one with full majority in the house.

Gurgaon Projects

The policy paralysis that had resulted in the economic slowdown and increasing inflation son enough became a thing of the past as the new government took reigns and made crucial decision to help enable economic benefits. One such step that was taken last November was the relaxation in the norms of FDI in property sector. The impact may not have been immediate, but December saw some of the biggest players in the residential property sector launch multiple projects across the country. Gurgaon did not see many launches, until now. Shortly after the launch of an ultra luxury offering by Tata Housing, the ILD Group launched three new residential projects in Gurgaon.

What gives the ILD Projects and Edge? 

In the post recession environment, builders are not offering whatever they want. The market has turned customer centric and the need for good properties for end use as well as investment purposes is high on the minds of property buyers. ILD Group delivers just that. Its three launches in upcoming localities in Gurgaon promise a good lifestyle and an even better return on ROI in the long run.

ILD Group is an experienced builder firm that has its presence marked in the city since 2006. It has an experience of developing almost 5 million square feet of residential and commercial properties. Therefore it comes as no surprise that these new projects offer many varieties of homes to meet the needs of buyers. There are currently two projects under development in Sector 37 and one in Sector 33. Both these sectors are close to important nodal points in the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development belt. ILD Grand Gurgaon and ILD Grand Centra in Sector 37 offer easy access to Manesar. ILD Arete in Sector 33 helps residents connect easily with Manesar. Both the localities of course offer good road connectivity with the rest of Gurgaon as well.

Features of the ILD Projects

All the ILD projects have been designed to meet the needs of modern cosmopolitan residents. Homes in ILD Grand Centra and ILD Arete Gurgaon offer exclusivity and space. Anyone looking for big houses can consider an investment in the properties in either of the two projects. Combined, one has a choice to select units with areas ranging from 1200 square feet to 4500 square feet! There are established amenities in both the sectors which include schools, markets, hospitals, banks etc. Their closeness to nodal points of the industrial corridor and good road connectivity makes them ideal investment options in the long run. Both localities already witness high demand for residential properties.

In Conclusion

All the details of each project are available on the housing website. End users can access them in the ‘New Projects’ section.

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