6 things to check before you sign your tenancy agreement

People have become smarter and wiser since early times. As days pass, humans acquire more and more knowledge and the world becomes a shorter place to live in. before a few years, people could not talk with other people who lived far away in some other country or even state for some times. Today, everything is possible from the home all because of advancement in science and technology. This advancement has come a long way and today, people can connect and converse with each other in moment. Another thing, which has become faster, is the real estate sector. The real estate dealings and the transfers have become fast, swift and rapid. There is no delay in any transaction and people can avail all the facilities on the spot. Earlier, it was difficult to find properties and if the property were found, the roommate or the co-licensee would not be present. This used to affect many deals. Today, the scenario has changed completely and one can easily find a tenant or a roommate in some time. Social media and internet has helped a lot to do this and one can make full use of the facilities. There are certain things, which would be present in the agreement of the deal. One should be careful and check it thoroughly before signing and agreeing to the deal. Here are some things a person must check;-

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  1. Duration of the rent: – one should check the duration and the validity of the agreement. It may happen that people have signed the document and then they come to know that the agreement was only valid until one month and now they are in the hands of property owner to proceed the agreement and make it legal. One should also check if the duration they have agreed is same in the agreement and the negotiation, which would have happened for the property.
  2. The address and the details of the house: – one should be careful about the address and the details of the house. It may happen that the owner maybe some fraud who can forge some documents and change the address to a new place. Signing that would mean that the person agrees to the deal and has no objection to it. This would then create further problems and there would be a lot of waste of time and money.
  3. The rent and the date of payment: – one should be well aware of the rent and the date of payment. This would often be neglected saying that the deal is done verbally and I trust another person for the same. It so happens that the person may exploit you and then loot you! T amount and the receipt of security deposit should also be taken and dually signed.
  4. The writing and the real property: – it so happens that the writing is not in resonance with the real property. A person may beautify and sugarcoat the writing in the agreement but it may not be so good! Therefore, it is important to check and make sure that the written matches the real.
  5. Clauses: – it is important to read and understand each clause of the agreement. There may be few dicey and goodly points where people would try to exploit the other party and take extra money. Therefore, it is important to understand each clause!
  6. Genuinety and authenticity of the owner: – one must ensure that the owner has a good reputation and there is no problem with him. There are many instance where in people get convinced by lucrative offers and there is exploitation!

Therefore, these all should be checked before signing the registered rent agreement!

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