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It is no ordinary task to establish a bank unless you have the knowledge, the determination, the drive, and above all the dynamism. But it was possible for Steve Liefschultz because he has all of it in him. An example for the youngsters in the banking field, he is popular as the founder of Equity Bank and the co-founder of the First Bank Florida in Naples. It is due to his leadership traits that he has won hearts even of the ones that work in his team and not to mention the customers too.

Ever since Equity Bank was founded by Steve Liefschultz , there has been no looking back for this financial institution. An interesting aspect that is worth mentioning here is that the customer base of Equity Bank has grown due to the fact that Steve Liefschultz is associated with it. He has always had the leadership traits that require a team to grow and flourish and this is one reason why he is the well known and much sought after banking tycoon that he is today.

Steve Liefschultz – His Journey

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Minnesota and Juris Doctor from University of Minnesota Law School, the journey for him was not without hiccups. There were snags that he had to overcome. And it can be safely said that it is due to his patience, positive attitude, determination, perseverance, and urge to lead that made his career a grand success. He has had his own shares of ups and downs that he overcame and sustained in the long run.

Under his guidance, the Bank has today introduced a number of services for its valued customers. These are as follows-

  • Instant Cash- Equity Bank has become associated with Instant Cash Surcharge Free Network. This allows customers to access ATM without incurring extra cost and can avail the service for free and get access to quick money at any point of time.
  • FDIC Insurance – This is a kind of insurance wherein the investment/deposit of the customers will remain safe in the event of a bank failure. The customers under such adverse situation will not lose their money.
  • Lines of credit and real estate loan – The Equity Bank offers real estate loans to entrepreneurs and also for agricultural needs. Also, the experts at the Bank guide investors so that they can use the proceeds of the loan in a wise manner without draining off the funds wrongly.

Under the guidance of Steve Liefschultz and due to his efforts, Equity Bank operates in two places, namely, Claremont and Minnetonka in Minnesota. As a financial institution, it offers investment lines of credit and real estate loans to the ones seeking the same. It was his efforts that led to the introduction of the many services that the bank offers to its clients today. Also, the bank has earned a good reputation of offering customized banking solutions to individuals. In other words, there are no so called “umbrella” solutions for all customers.

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