Forex: A Definite Guide to Demo Accounts

A Forex demo account is one of the most important components of the forex market. As a newbie trader you actually do not have that many chances of perfecting your craft without losing a substantial amount of money. A Forex demo account is something which makes it possible for you to practice as much as you would like to and explore the functionalities of the platform without investing real money. Let us find out how a forex demo account works. Read on to find out more in this regard.
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Trader? Self, property trading, trader for others or Investor?

We have received some emails asking how the world of trading property inside, their advantages, disadvantages, alternatives, etc … After a time one stares trading where he has spent and is coming to conclusions about everything involved in this world.

The key question is: How do I live in the bag?

As you can see from the title of the post, there are four main types of people entering the market (we could rush to a fifth type, the employee of a broker, but I will ignore this, since this does not work, he seeks the spread (commission) and operates in the market). As I was saying, there are four types of people in the markets:

Understanding people to understand the market

Every day the markets are more complex, more international, and more liquid, with more people and robots operating in them. All this causes the current markets are difficult to understand and above all be changing, but people, mass and change their ways in a much slower than the market .

Some time ago, and from this assertion I thought the best way to trade the market would be understood as possible to people, if I could this would be able to understand the market for a longer period than any indicator. Today I want to show an example of how to understand people to understand the market, do not say that this is the absolute truth, but help me a lot to understand the functioning of the market.

I have spoken ever volume and how to interpret it along with the price to find out how people move, today I want to go a step further and talk about how to create a support or resistance. Continue reading Understanding people to understand the market

Why invest in binary options?

Investing in binary options provides a series of windows to other investment firms that make them a much more palatable alternative to get good benefits quickly.

To start binary options are simple to understand, especially compared with other investments. Although you should know a little of the stock market and learn how to interpret a graph, are things quite simple and intuitive and can begin to realize their investment almost immediately. By investing in binary options timeframes are short, which will begin charging its benefits very quickly, without long waits. You decide how much to invest in each asset class, so you know how much money is at stake and also know exactly how much money you can earn. Continue reading Why invest in binary options?

Binary options betting, equal but different worlds


Binary options although they can be quite similar to gambling are not the same, within the world of binary options respecting the basic logic of a bet, in the sense that if you win and succeeds otherwise is lost, however, by the fact of having proven and reliable strategies are not equal to gambling. In a bid the range of probability of success is 50% and the loss is also 50%, in contrast to invest in binary options the probability of winning can be up to 80% or more. Continue reading Binary options betting, equal but different worlds

Four factors influencing the gold price

When we decided to invest in gold binary options, many factors have to be taken into account in order to estimate changes in the price of this raw material. All that I will outline below are the most basic and first we must know and master to start investing in binary options related to the precious metal.

These are basic factors that influence the price of gold.

1) The central banks of the major economic powers. Influencing a way and a way that inflation coverage is gold investing and, to a lesser extent, silver, thus being important purchasers of these products. E indirectly influence because when set low interest money, many investors seek refuge in buying gold to increase the profitability of their investments. Knowing this is vital to invest in gold binary options. Continue reading Four factors influencing the gold price

Successful forex trader’s attitude

Being forex trader needs to be more intelligent and experts, is to be, fair and disciplined. For the market you have spent hundreds of thousands of people and nearly all have been many surprises. Some have joined with the desire to amass great wealth (because that’s what it seemed) in no time, however, saw daily as its capital waned to disappear completely.

So I’ve deigned to capture part of my experience and the experience of those forex gurus, for all a person who wants or quella is starting as an operator in the Forex market you to consider the advice, which when taken in becomes seriously useful tools when opening operations.
Achieving success in currency trading requires forex trading contest and avoiding numerous difficulties much, or more, which makes finding and executing winning trades. In fact, most professional traders will tell you some of the specific trading methodologies that make traders are successful without patience are general rules to those traders strictly adhere that keep them “in the game” time sufficient for success. Below are the most common mistakes that traders believe the currency trading? Continue reading Successful forex trader’s attitude

What are the advantages of investing in gold some facts

Many people invest in gold, but this method takes investment of time and requires investigation. So the question of what are the benefits of investing in gold is one of the most common inquiries that are considering investment particularly those who are novices when it comes to investments. If you are interested in putting some of their money in additional financial support, so being prepared with facts about gold investments will go a long way to help you choose the right path.

Gold is more than an investment. Possession is a high price that is more than the cost of money. Therefore, the gold is just as good as effective. In some cases, may be worth more than money because it appreciates over time. US Money Reserve is in a good position to invest in metal. Buy gold bullion, bullion or coins is considered a win-win situation, unlike other companies that tend to be risky. Gold and money are also the same. If you have gold products in its security, ie it also saves money.
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Analysis of the Currency May 7, 2012


For today’s session we might consider opening a new long position if the value of the exchange ratio should break to the upside the 1.3030 threshold, setting the first target 1.3050 at 1.3070 and the second goal. If the share price were to break the downward 1.2940 could open a short position with the first goal at a height of 1.2920 and 1.2900 share for the second goal.


For the day today we could open a new long position if the price were to break the rising share of 0.8080, by fixing the first lens portion and the second lens 0.8100 0.8120 share. If the price were to fall to 0.8040 but break, we could open a short position with the first target at an altitude of 0.8020 and 0.8000 share for the second goal.
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Technical analysis of forex market May 7,2012

1.3006 to the euro this morning after the election of a governing Socialist France and Greece in the cacophony. If the French election was anticipated by the markets, concerned about the situation in Greece this morning. Indeed, no majority is exit polls and more importantly, anti-rigor parties may prevent the continuation of the implementation measures necessary to remedy the country and cause the end of the financial assistance Europe. Our advice in the morning, 1.30 and 2980/70 are our media. Parity has often bounced off these levels then the rash can be placed on the purchase with stoploss below 2970, between 65 and 55. The objectives are to increase the return on 3080. Attention since 3050 will act as intermediate resistance, causing a beginning of a range.

On the downside, sellers should come and put on either 3050 or 3080 with stoploss above 3095 and until 3105.
Finally, and even more in 2970, a decline could be like 2920 or 2880 objectives.
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