Trader? Self, property trading, trader for others or Investor?

We have received some emails asking how the world of trading property inside, their advantages, disadvantages, alternatives, etc … After a time one stares trading where he has spent and is coming to conclusions about everything involved in this world.

The key question is: How do I live in the bag?

As you can see from the title of the post, there are four main types of people entering the market (we could rush to a fifth type, the employee of a broker, but I will ignore this, since this does not work, he seeks the spread (commission) and operates in the market). As I was saying, there are four types of people in the markets:

Why invest in binary options?

Investing in binary options provides a series of windows to other investment firms that make them a much more palatable alternative to get good benefits quickly.

To start binary options are simple to understand, especially compared with other investments. Although you should know a little of the stock market and learn how to interpret a graph, are things quite simple and intuitive and can begin to realize their investment almost immediately. By investing in binary options timeframes are short, which will begin charging its benefits very quickly, without long waits. You decide how much to invest in each asset class, so you know how much money is at stake and also know exactly how much money you can earn. Continue reading Why invest in binary options?

What are the advantages of investing in gold some facts

Many people invest in gold, but this method takes investment of time and requires investigation. So the question of what are the benefits of investing in gold is one of the most common inquiries that are considering investment particularly those who are novices when it comes to investments. If you are interested in putting some of their money in additional financial support, so being prepared with facts about gold investments will go a long way to help you choose the right path.

Gold is more than an investment. Possession is a high price that is more than the cost of money. Therefore, the gold is just as good as effective. In some cases, may be worth more than money because it appreciates over time. US Money Reserve is in a good position to invest in metal. Buy gold bullion, bullion or coins is considered a win-win situation, unlike other companies that tend to be risky. Gold and money are also the same. If you have gold products in its security, ie it also saves money.
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Do childless families need life insurance?

It is easy to presume that life insurance is only for families. Much of the information on hand is targeted at parents of dependent children and if you don’t have children it might look like life insurance doesn’t apply to you. This isn’t automatically true, as there are a variety of reasons why having Washington life insurance is a good suggestion, regardless of your child status.

Here are a small number of circumstances where getting life insurance is recommended, even when you don’t have children: Continue reading Do childless families need life insurance?

Euro zone, a very delicate

The euro started the week down after good earnings last week, but now seems stronger again. The euro area and the concerns that the debt crisis of the region can extend even to the healthiest nations, is still a very big problem.

Analysts said that the sentiment towards the currency is bearish, because most investors are looking to sell euros, mostly on hold auction of government debt in Italy and Spain, scheduled for tomorrow.
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Jim Yong Kim new leader of the World Bank

The World Bank has chosen Jim Yong Kim as the next president, despite the increasingly strong opposition of developing countries. Announcing the new appointment, the executive directors of the World Bank thanked the outgoing President, Robert B. Zoellick, and the other two candidates: the Nigerian finance minister Ngozi Okonjo – Iweala and Jose Antonio Ocampo, former Minister of Finance in Colombia.

But in recent years, officials of emerging economies in Asia, Africa and Latin America have sought greater representation. Kim has been endorsed by President Obama and other prominent American leaders.
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Spain is in crisis and the euro suffers

Concerns about the finances of Spain were up yesterday, with bond yields in 10 years that have increased despite the expectations of new austerity measures. In terms of FX , this does not help our currency.

The performance of Spanish titles in 10 years is therefore increased to 5.81 percent from 5.74 percent of the Easter break. The difference today between the yield on the Spanish and German Securities was 4.11 percentage points, the highest since the time the new government took power during the month of December.
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U.S. the situation of the labor market

12.7 million Americans are still looking for a job and can not find it. It will take a long time to be able to mend this situation. According to the forecasts are required between seven and twelve years to return to full employment levels, although the average for creating jobs for the U.S. is estimated at about 200,000 units per month, with a fall in March, when were created only 120,000 jobs.

Austerity does not seem to be a burden to the creation of jobs in the United States. The public sector fell by only 1,000 jobs this time, but in the meantime, the income figures provided indicate that the monthly salary is increased by 5 cents in the month just past.
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Advantages of Forex, Part 2

We have seen in a previous article some of the main advantages of forex, which could lead an investor to opt for this investment over others. Another strong point of the forex market is the low cost. In fact, the only charge that the trader must support consists in the spread, namely the difference in price between supply and demand. There are other committees. When operating at standard conditions of the market, the cost of transactions is usually less than 10 pips. The spread can be significantly lower in large transactions, less than 4 or 5 pips, and in those markets are very dynamic, such as those of the exchange rate EUR / USD. In addition, you can expand substantially in market conditions exactly opposite.
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ECB: there are still risks to the recovery

The European Central Bank has said it will still be the return of the emergency measures to contain the debt crisis Eurozone. Any discussion of exit strategy for now is premature. He does know the ECB president Mario Draghi. Previously, however, Draghi said that the worst of the crisis was over.

The eurozone leaders have recently decided to increase the power of the “firewall”, or the bailout funds, a total of 500 billion euros to a total of 800 billion euros. But since the central bank stopped buying government bonds of countries like Italy and Spain, borrowing costs for governments of the euro zone increased again.
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