The rich getting richer

While more and more Spanish swell the unemployment lists, Alfredo Saenz, CEO of Banco Santander, won 10.23 million a year. In addition, its pension plan, which will take any day, is 85.7 million, ie a thousand times higher than the average of other mortals.

It’s just a contradiction of which occur in these times of crisis. In Britain, for example, the rich have increased their assets during 2009 by 30 percent, starting with the steel king, Lakshi Mittal, who hoards 28 000 million.
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Unemployment …. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Unemployment in the world, increases mostly in Europe, the United States in much of Latin America.

In Europe the product of the international crisis that the stock market collapsed, the bankruptcy of many industrial giants, led to hundreds of companies to fire workers.

The good, unemployment is many employers say they can get cheap labor.
That is, the benefit and see why and how.
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By keeping your best performer

If someone asks you why you work, you would probably answer that you work to earn money to pay bills. If this is the case then why are there companies that have high high turnover, the answer lies in the existence of a good program benefits.

For most people, job satisfaction is more than just earning dollars every pay day. They also need to know that “they can rest easy at night knowing that should something happen to them, they do not have to worry about the hospital bill or how their families would be able to cope with the costs to where they meet a premature death. Various statements perform various services required by the government.
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U.S.: Service sector grows for second consecutive month

Activity in the services sector in the United States rose in February for the second consecutive month and more than expected, according to data released today the Institute for Supply Management (ISM, by its initials in English).

The index of activity that makes the entity last month stood at 53 points, the highest figure since December 2007, compared to 50.5 points from January and 51 points economists were expecting.
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