Proposal “Draft Law Truth, Justice and Reparation for Victims of genocide and the Franco dictatorship by Miguel A.


1 Constitution of the Promotion Commission of the People’s Legislative Initiative by a law of truth, justice and reparation for victims of genocide and the Franco dictatorship and the subsequent period of impunity.

Initiative – open to any organization of historical memory, human rights and fight impunity for the crimes of the Franco regime to assume the duties of “truth, justice and reparation” and fight impunity as they have been identified based on the legacy of Nuremberg and the UN, as well as embrace the contents of human rights afforded to victims of gross violations of human rights, crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide and crimes against peace, and their families, by the decisions of European Court of Human Rights, the International Committee of Human Rights, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and other international bodies on human rights.
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Politically correct the murders

Days ago the Italian Agency of Medicines-Aifa-approved the marketing of the abortion pill RU-486, which can disrupt the developing life in the womb, where less than seven weeks of pregnancy, something like a month and a half after conception. It is the chemical abortion, ie the elimination silent unpunished and almost “no hassles”-physical or social-of a human being, something aberrant and, at the same time scary.
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The exercise of power in difficult times of change

Nothing sounds more rude that the word corruption in a country where the practice was the nothing of the Colorado Party that ruled uninterrupted 60 years and whose legacy is a country mired in poverty.

Nothing generates so much outrage as the repetition of such defects as a common practice of those who exercise power through the civil service.

Nothing generates so much irritation as the reaction of senior corporate officials to defend the accused, citing rehmannia conspiraticias theories.

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Benefits or Rights Corrections?


No system of social control is perfect but each system created to adapt to the particular reality that seeks to control, therefore all political and legislative decision to seek to establish a scheme should always seek renewed and optimized.

In this regard, our current prison system has large flaws, including: poor inmate rehabilitation programs to society, prison overcrowding, lack of resources. As a result, this article proposes regulatory reform of the legal institution of prison privileges, as an immediate consequence would be the reduction in levels of overcrowding.
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