British Petroleum spill hidden damage

crudo_620x250_30042010Greenpeace warned that the company British Petroleum (BP), responsible for oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, used for dipping oil dispersant, thus avoiding to surface, thus concealing the extent of the stain.

He said that another oil company strategy to try to hide the damage is hiring local fishermen to help with cleanup, but puts them in the contract a clause ‘gag’ which requires them not to talk to the media.
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Cuba: the war we wage.

obama-gloriaThe media war against the Cuban revolution is, of course, new; has fifty years of uninterrupted experience. Have been common also other mechanisms of aggression, including acts of terror and the introduction of diseases to our population. Facts are clearly reprehensible crimes of peace (in the dirty war) who can not, however, to reach justice. Entrusted to the ephemeral global memory and distraction generated by the event itself informative, saturated spectacular elements while uncritical. Cultural industry meets only itself.
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Facebook – Cuba: The rule change tactics.

facebook-in cuba

It’s not hard to see Facebook moving to become the global database, remember, partly owned by the CIA outsourced and Microsoft establishment giants of global capitalism. “We want to Cubans in Facebook” Something must have thought when they changed their foreign policies, removing the restrictions, in particular to “export Facebook and Twitter to countries like Cuba, Iran, and Sudan.
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One More for the Road

Now that Obama is the nominee, there will be far fewer opportunities for me to bash Clinton strategist Mark Penn. Luckily, he gave an interview to the GQ blog. I recommend reading the whole thing just because I think it’s important to provide Mark Penn an opportunity to tell his side of the story (though his basic point seems to be he didn’t have enough supporters within the campaign, and pretty much everything was someone else’s fault). Of the whole thing, what struck me most was this:
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Ross Perot Slams McCain, Reads Email Forwards

Newsweek has a somewhat strange piece up right now with Ross Perot. Well, no, that’s a bit of a lie. The piece went up in January, but I’ve only just now found out about it. The thrust of the piece is that Perot hates McCain, thinks he’s a phony, and actually called up Newsweek unsolicited to talk about. But here’s what interests me:

When I asked about Barack Obama, Perot said he admired his eloquence but thought it “a little odd that we would be less concerned about his background than being a Mormon.” Perot was pleasantly surprised when I told him that Obama was a Christian, not a Muslim, and relieved when I informed him that the e-mail Perot (and untold others) received about Obama not the Pledge of Allegiance was a fraud.
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Clinton’s Road to Second Place

Let me preface this by saying I do not intend this to be a slam against Hillary Clinton, but it is hard to get to the heart of what’s wrong with Mark Penn without talking a little bit about Sen. Clinton’s approach to the campaign. I believe Hillary Clinton is a consummate politician, but that Penn reinforced her worst instincts. I’m attacking him because I believe he is a poisonous force, and must be ejected from Democratic politics.

The Wall Street Journal did a fine piece on what went wrong with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The short answer? Two words: Mark Penn.
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David Brooks: Old White Man for VP

The title really does says it all. In his most recent column, David Brooks makes it clear that Obama must select an old white man as his VP:

My first thought on the running mate question is that to balance his ticket, Barack Obama should pick a really old white general. Therefore, he should pick Dwight Eisenhower. John McCain, on the other hand, needs to pick someone younger than himself. Therefore, he also should pick Dwight Eisenhower.
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Media on McClellan’s New Book

The media are having a field day with McClellan’s new book. Over at Kos, BarbinMD collects some choice nuggets showing just how shocked the media is with McClellan’s “revelations” of White House media manipulation:


We begin with the bombshell book from former White House press secretary Scott McClellan. The tell-all, What Happened inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception. In it, McClellon claims, among other things, that the president used propaganda to sell the war in Iraq.
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CNN Profiles Their Own VP Picks

CNN has a feature up now detailing the possibilities for both the Republican and Democratic vice presidential candidates. Unsurprisingly, their profiles are vastly inferior to our own. They also make the mistake of including Chuck Hagel. I know the media love the idea of a cross-over ticket, but Obama will pick a Republican as his running mate when hell freezes over. They also include Sam Nunn (Fmr. Sen-GA) on their list despite the fact that Nunn basically left politics in disgust twelve years ago. The MSM can do some really weird things sometime.
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