Neighbor and so far, and human, so human …


The owners of my straight neighbors met to decide how it would be the access ramp to the building. I have mobility problems, and is a pain (sorry) up and down without assistance are the two steps, first on the outside and then inside. Until June 2009 he did and now, is what it is, I said. Only, with a ramp could think of an electric vehicle and gain autonomy.
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The rich getting richer

While more and more Spanish swell the unemployment lists, Alfredo Saenz, CEO of Banco Santander, won 10.23 million a year. In addition, its pension plan, which will take any day, is 85.7 million, ie a thousand times higher than the average of other mortals.

It’s just a contradiction of which occur in these times of crisis. In Britain, for example, the rich have increased their assets during 2009 by 30 percent, starting with the steel king, Lakshi Mittal, who hoards 28 000 million.
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Holographic evolution towards a new understanding of the global citizen


The physicist David Bohm and Karl Pribram neurosurgeon based many of his theories on the concept of the hologram. The hologram is a special optical storage device that works as follows: take, for example, a hair when we’ve done a photo , and then cut a piece of it, say the case of the head.
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Fight for water

water-crisisPeasants, students, indigenous people are mobilized for the defense of water, “no matter who persecute us, imprison us, throw us bamboos, to give us stick, to call us terrorists, being told that we are ignorant, no matter, nothing matters the only thing that matters is life, my children, my grandchildren, all that matters is our Mother Earth, live it, and damn it we will die, “so named Dona Maria del Portete Victorians, who at 75 years is sure that the only way left to the villagers is the organization and the struggle to defend water, “no one is going to fight, nobody gives anything, everyone wants to carry water for their mill, and we do not believe in anyone , government lies, deceit, just trust in ourselves, the people of the village, farmers, young students, nobody is going to fight, so I”m here, old and everything, but still I have the strength, and while me strength dear Lord I”ll be here. “
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British Petroleum spill hidden damage

crudo_620x250_30042010Greenpeace warned that the company British Petroleum (BP), responsible for oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, used for dipping oil dispersant, thus avoiding to surface, thus concealing the extent of the stain.

He said that another oil company strategy to try to hide the damage is hiring local fishermen to help with cleanup, but puts them in the contract a clause ‘gag’ which requires them not to talk to the media.
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The bank, workers and rules

There was once a football match in which the goals were not equal. The T had to defend a goal of 10 meters, while the B team’s goal only measuring 1 meter. It is not difficult to imagine the result, nor what the computer that receives almost all the goals.

If the rules are not just the result is written in advance. Something similar is happening today in this struggle between banking and workers. Competition rules are rigged in favor of one team.
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Five common pitfalls of typical journalist

This old craft of reporting is and will always be controversy. It is his nature, as the fable says that of the frog and the scorpion. But regardless of the characteristics of this profession and the platform from which we play (radio, TV, digital or printed newspaper), journalists are accustomed to make mistakes, often without being aware of its seriousness. And what is worse, not eager to change.

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The press and political power

The press and political power have something in common. In a democracy, both depend on people they are elected.

Neither can be imposed on other voters. The policy may buy some, you can rent them, you can induce them with false promises. But not always, not all the time.

The press can seduce with sensationalism, catch with the illness and get the unconditional support of extremist conspiracy theories and patriotic campaigns. But not all the time, not ever.
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A salute to my mom, my dad and for all that know me

Since I started writing the column and to mention friends and relatives in the same me something strange began to happen. Those who still did not mention in this little square of paper say: “Hey! Then what? When you say something pious about me? … Do not you remember that time …?”. Keep in mind that we are talking about a humble little column of notoriety. Not that I’m writing up an orange unicorn with delusions of grandeur. Moreover, I can not imagine what they have said Humberto Rubin’s cousins in the Sunday lunches, “che, Humberto, and what then bun? When greeting, crazy?”.
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The struggle for peace and social justice, Is Fraught With Fairness And reasons and therefore is justified and is valid!

The serious fight of impunity and organized crime who suffer Salvadorans, deeply tarnished the progress in other subjects implements the government and the FMLN.

Whether the prosecution is an entity outside the authority of government, the government and the Legislature, it may suggest strongly the holder of that portfolio, to change its labor concept should be based on the truth, for the immediate and thorough investigation of crime and clarify them. Similarly should hear the voice of people complained when among other requirements, changes in tax demand for its ineffectiveness and complicity of organized crime attitudes.
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