Fight for water

water-crisisPeasants, students, indigenous people are mobilized for the defense of water, “no matter who persecute us, imprison us, throw us bamboos, to give us stick, to call us terrorists, being told that we are ignorant, no matter, nothing matters the only thing that matters is life, my children, my grandchildren, all that matters is our Mother Earth, live it, and damn it we will die, “so named Dona Maria del Portete Victorians, who at 75 years is sure that the only way left to the villagers is the organization and the struggle to defend water, “no one is going to fight, nobody gives anything, everyone wants to carry water for their mill, and we do not believe in anyone , government lies, deceit, just trust in ourselves, the people of the village, farmers, young students, nobody is going to fight, so I”m here, old and everything, but still I have the strength, and while me strength dear Lord I”ll be here. “
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Politically correct the murders

Days ago the Italian Agency of Medicines-Aifa-approved the marketing of the abortion pill RU-486, which can disrupt the developing life in the womb, where less than seven weeks of pregnancy, something like a month and a half after conception. It is the chemical abortion, ie the elimination silent unpunished and almost “no hassles”-physical or social-of a human being, something aberrant and, at the same time scary.
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Five common pitfalls of typical journalist

This old craft of reporting is and will always be controversy. It is his nature, as the fable says that of the frog and the scorpion. But regardless of the characteristics of this profession and the platform from which we play (radio, TV, digital or printed newspaper), journalists are accustomed to make mistakes, often without being aware of its seriousness. And what is worse, not eager to change.

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A salute to my mom, my dad and for all that know me

Since I started writing the column and to mention friends and relatives in the same me something strange began to happen. Those who still did not mention in this little square of paper say: “Hey! Then what? When you say something pious about me? … Do not you remember that time …?”. Keep in mind that we are talking about a humble little column of notoriety. Not that I’m writing up an orange unicorn with delusions of grandeur. Moreover, I can not imagine what they have said Humberto Rubin’s cousins in the Sunday lunches, “che, Humberto, and what then bun? When greeting, crazy?”.
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I acknowledge the death of a man

imagen0027Danielle Bleitrach “Rebellion” Until today I have made more or less to translate and reproduce the texts that I sent on the case of Orlando Zapata, the Cuban prisoner who died from a hunger strike. There were several reasons for this:

1) The first is that the death of a human being, whoever and whatever the circumstances, it really affects me. And even more so in this case where there was a hunger strike, a self-destruction. The simple fact of seeing this man’s face was painful to me. It reminded me of Guy Georges, that mulatto who have always thought that eventually destroyed by a deep lack of love before becoming a serial murderer of elderly.
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Cuba: the war we wage.

obama-gloriaThe media war against the Cuban revolution is, of course, new; has fifty years of uninterrupted experience. Have been common also other mechanisms of aggression, including acts of terror and the introduction of diseases to our population. Facts are clearly reprehensible crimes of peace (in the dirty war) who can not, however, to reach justice. Entrusted to the ephemeral global memory and distraction generated by the event itself informative, saturated spectacular elements while uncritical. Cultural industry meets only itself.
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Katyn, Poland and a cruel irony of fate

katynIn the forest of Katyn, Smolenks, close to the border with Belarus, were executed in 1940 over 20 thousand Polish civilians in the hands of the Russian secret police. Stalin’s Russians blamed the Nazis for the holocaust and only in 1990 Mikhail Gorbachev acknowledged the facts. If relationships between Russia and Poland was weak, with the confession of guilt is compounded. So the Polish President Lech Kaczynski agreed to travel to Smolenks to pay tribute to victims of the slaughter. However, the dense fog prevented the pilot to see the dense forest and the trees cut off the wings of the plane that crashed and left no survivors.
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Pepe and bad luck


Pepe Alas … The team works well, but after a while seems to be lost. And as you lose, we lose gold points in the tournament. I’ll bench, Pepe. Although at first I thought it was a little messed up your team, I think you showed that you can give far better game. And you can give him the championship. We have no luck.
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Earth and Humanity: a common destiny

We have to start the year with hope, as urged to address climate of shock and frustration that marked the COP 15 in Copenhagen. Indeed, the global warming would have serious consequences. However, in a more philosophizing, would not be intended to destroy the human planetary project, but would force him to rise to a higher stage to be truly global. Urge to move from local to global and national to global.
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My spine

There is a friend I called when it’s all wrong in your life maybe, and probably not that friend, which he termed the marriage or potential witness your son’s godfather but is this friend that “the banker” puts a smile to any proposal that your brain want that particular day.

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