About human needs

When my head comes to mind, it is true, and something in it looks weird, I can not calm down until not understand it and not find some logical explanation, but then I calm down and live more …

And now, to my mind randomly came the question: What one needs to be happy, to be cheerful and happy, namely, why some need so little, while others, always for something, struggling and are glad that surrounds them, Besides that they already have?
To begin with, that everyone has different needs, someone will be happy to ride in shuttle bus from work, satisfied with another taxi, and the third will be a little Toyota and he wants BMW. But what type should strive? Trite, if you tell them to see who is riding in a taxi.
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The elegance of the creative acts

creative-actsCreativity can be approached from four perspectives: the product creator, the creative personality, the creative process and creative situation.

Defining a creative activity as a trial value behaves. A trial value is a finding which is founded on certain ideals. So it seems we need a certain “frame of reference” to make judgments of value and appreciate the creative activities. On the other hand, a creative activity as such is at the limits of our “frame of reference.” In a way we can consider the hypothesis that the tension between the familiar and the strange set of creative activities.
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A Theory of Justice built from common sense


“Understanding inevitably involves reasoning. We have to “read” what we feel and what seems to see, and ask what show these perceptions and how we can take them into account without being overwhelmed by them. “

Amartya Sen. “The idea of justice”

A large part of the theories of justice have considered the nature of perfect justice, while they have ignored the improvement and overcoming injustice in the historical and social contexts. Amartya Sen proposes a practical reasoning that enables us to reduce injustice and towards justice, rather than targeted solely to the company perfectly fair characterization.
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