My main technical and psychological problems, or thinking out loud

This post I would like to devote their thoughts alone, then that day by day, or every day, sometimes day after two disturbs My Mind. We Will talk about My Strategy and Technology Trade in the Market.

I Have short-Term Trader, One Who WAS bitten and gone, But Not the One Who grabbed the Victim Until the moment When Her Heart stops (read: end the Trend). I do Not need a lot of traffic, I need a Little sharp, Quick Movements, I CAN make a profit for 2.1 Minutes, and Sometimes even a few Seconds is enough to Get Scheduled. What do I need to login? In the First place I Will Look at Potential traffic for the day or Hour chart ever (although there are exceptions) I will not go to Long when I feel that is nearing the top of the pulse, and will not be shorts on the bottom, this is the first thing I look – this is the potential movement I ‘ m SO relaxed, even if the Market Will Still for Some time in the direction of the Trend Movements in the correction, I always Closed in Plus, or without loss. But this does Not Happen, I do Not Let Yourself Lose money. Always, when drawdown starts in less that starts to confuse me, I wonder: “Acne and why should I lose money?” I am asking this for myself and get an answer that I have no right to lose money and close the deal or knocks on my foot. I’ve reached the point where normally treat a small loss, they do not irritate me, and do not press on psyche, as it did in the first six months, and maybe more.
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Premature closure of the transaction. The second problem is psychological trading

In the first psychological problem trading it was a wrong entry in the market, logically, the second problem the novice trader – the wrong way out of the deal.
Emotional feelings: say, we have opened, do not yet know whether entered, that is, whether we get the profit from the transaction that are expecting. Know how much we want to get from the deal – sure, just so you can navigate the allowable size of the stop. Does not appear if you have a desire to close as soon as profits begin to accumulate? To the target is still far away, so why leave so early, with a small profit? It’s all action of the second devastating psychological factor trader – the fear. Fear makes the heart beat more often as soon begins to appear some kind of profit, the trader immediately wants to fix it, he immediately forgets what he wanted when opened by the transaction, now it only controls the fear of losing, then he is currently in a temporary income .
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Trend reversals, who feed the bulls / bears on the forex?

Very useful to think about the market, not only during trade. And when it’s still nice, it’s doubly useful. Here’s how I very often like to reflect on the market, of their weaknesses and strengths that I was able to overcome, and over what else to work on.

Today I was thinking about a trend reversal, why they are all waiting for? Long thought, but eventually came to the conclusion that everything should be just as now there is. In theory, we all know that any trend is more likely to continue their movement, than go for a correction. But the market is always there is talk about what is just about to begin the correction, including and I say this quite often. Let us imagine a situation in a bullish trend, in principle, a bullish or bearish trend is not even in principle. It should be understood that the market is large parties, by which, as a rule, we are seeing more or less significant change quotations.
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How to deal with greed? The first psychological problem of trading

Today I will address one of the three psychological problems in the market, let’s talk about greed. Greed is the one who pushes to enter into a transaction, even when there is no adequate reason to go. Inherent in practically all newcomers in the market. Someone eventually realizes that go to only under strict signals, rather than imagined their imagination. But for others, it remains a serious problem because of which people and can not earn. If the purpose of trading was only to explore the technical and fundamental analysis, to draw level, to recognize graphic shapes, reversal candles, etc., then 90% of attempts to become a stable trader would complete successfully, to explore all it’s a lot easier than you think initially, to cope with it can be almost everyone.

Unfortunately, not enough to know to know the technical and fundamental analysis. To consistently sell, you need to resist the three psychological problems. So the first problem – greed. On the day you make a 5-10 or more transactions, most of which becomes unprofitable? Be sure the reason is not that bad you have mastered the technical analysis, but the fact that you are faced with the fact that greed drives you in the transaction. Only one thought that the deal can generate profits, causes the brain to look for any opportunity to enter the market.

Technical research – a rich tool, really, if you use all of its powerful potential, then the signals will go one by one, alas, most of them will bring a loss. Should select only the best, “beautiful”, confident tones. But you will not be able to see this while you sit in greed. There are some simple tips on how to fight it. First, you need to stop thinking about money at all, set a goal to find the best point to enter. It happens that the intraday trader may not be a single transaction per day, it’s easy to explain – the market was such, and this is a normal alignment. If you sit all day and did not commit a single transaction, in the evening appear disappointing, it is worth only a little bit to relax and greed that evening will drive you to the deal, you should not do.

Day without a deal – means the absence of signals for input. It is necessary to train yourself, it happens. Of the more specific steps you can take to get rid of greed – assign yourself a limit of transactions per day. To begin with let yourself enter 1 time per day, no matter what end it is the only deal, but more currently for any scenario, not allowed to enter the market, but looked at him, if the first transaction is made under the control of greed, when you then simply watch the market, you realize what’s ahead were much better terms for entry. But do not get into them! Do not break the rules, as it did not want to! Some progress is possible after only a few such days. When you are waiting to enter when the market, imagine that you are a hunter who has only one cartridge, and if these are not the only patron, he would shoot the victim, now will go to sleep hungry.