dopingI was reviewing the winners of the final laps to Spain, and I’ve noticed that most do not achieve remarkable success because of their implications in doping.

The first case of which I remember hearing about was the case Festina doping operation in the 2008 tour, based on the EPO, testosterone and hormone crecimiento.Fue possible thanks to a tip at the office. All were expelled Festina team, in which cyclists were Christophe Moreau, Richard Virenque and Alex Zulle. The reaction of the bunch was embarrassing, standing without taking out on the stage, showing that they preferred to run with dopping or not run and run without dopping.
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Individuality to hit book

Following the laws of modern economics-Mr. Adam Smith, curious that something as distant call him a modern economy, so we will-for that, if we have a sandwich and two people, we should let them, in a selfish way, fight, compete for it. Resulting from this, a winner and a loser. In this case one goes hungry and the other not. There is always a loser.

But tell us in business schools, in classes of six to seven, that competition or individual ambition serves the common good. And after a short break in the class of seven to eight, we talk about corporate social responsibility. How do you eat it …?
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The attacks in Moscow

The terrorist attacks today in Moscow, Russia, and killed dozens of people were allegedly perpetrated by Islamic nationalists .

The history of the conflict in Chechnya is very long. The Chechens were a minority oppressed by the Tsarist empire, so strongly joined the Soviet Revolution. Support for the Bolsheviks was overwhelming and, as a result, could defeat uprisings by Islamic extremists. The collectivization of the ’30s was, however, was rejected and severe conflicts between government forces and the local population, that grew with the Second World War, as a Chechen rebel government sought an alliance with Nazi Germany.
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Reports from the heart


.. I’m traveling, I’ve been a week in Nouadhibou, living experiences here also taught me much about life. I train route through the wilderness, twelve hours (no exaggeration) waiting more than nine in a village in the desert. I had the opportunity to meet many interesting people and live the odd adventure.

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Majul vs. Victor Hugo Morales

Victor hugo

In a debate organized by Metro on investigative journalism, last week joined several journalists around the book The Master of Luis Majul, which tells the story of Nestor Kirchner and corruption during his rule. The book is already a sales success: over 200 thousand copies in a few months.
But Victor Hugo Morales, one of the journalists present at the table, lashed out hard against the book Majul, whom he accused to be “able to do anything for the rating. He said, inter alia, that “investigative journalism call to book Luis would be disrespectful to investigative journalism.”
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The World Society for the Blind

The poet Affonso Romano de Santana and the Nobel Prize for literature, Portugal’s Jose Saramago blindness made subject to severe criticism today’s society, based on a reductionist view of reality. Showed that many viewers who are blind and presumptuous few blind people who are blind.

Today we live grandly spreads in the knowledge society, a kind of new era of enlightenment. Indeed it is. Know more and more about less and less. Specialized knowledge has colonized all areas of knowledge. The knowledge gathered in one year is greater than all the knowledge accumulated over the past 40 thousand years. If on one hand it brings undeniable benefits, on the other, makes us ignorant of infinite dimensions, putting scales on their eyes and were thus prevented from seeing the whole.
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Belo Monte: the triumphant return of the military dictatorship

The Lula government has undeniable merits in the social field. But at the environmental issue is unconscionable and a glaring backwardness. Analyzing the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) we feel we are back to the nineteenth century. It’s the same mentality that sees nature as a mere pool of resources as a basis for programming pharaonic projects, carried out by blood and fire, within a model of growth exceeded that favors large corporations at the expense of predation by the nature and the creation of great poverty.
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Infamous German right role in the attacks on Cuba

cubaThose who have dreamed of isolating Cuba on the basis of the most indecent ideological war, it gloated to two facts: The first was the wrongful conviction of the European Parliament against Cuba, using as an argument counter the recent death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo and the media show built around it. The second was the Spanish government neglect to maintain his position to advocate lifting the longstanding common position held unjustly by the EU since 1996.
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Who and what, governs the European Parliament?

silence parlament

Too many and painful events are developing in recent times in Europe, the result of social policies and anti-colonialists who exercise within a parliament with unequivocally imperialist vocation.

Anti-Cuban resolution passed recently by Parliament, leaves no doubt about the infamous vassal status that we have demonstrated for this institution. At the bugle call issued by the American government shamefully exploited for an isolated and regrettable (the death of a person) occurred in a Cuban jail, form the staunchest allies of U.S. imperialism to brandish the banner of human rights that they trample in their respective countries.
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Facebook – Cuba: The rule change tactics.

facebook-in cuba

It’s not hard to see Facebook moving to become the global database, remember, partly owned by the CIA outsourced and Microsoft establishment giants of global capitalism. “We want to Cubans in Facebook” Something must have thought when they changed their foreign policies, removing the restrictions, in particular to “export Facebook and Twitter to countries like Cuba, Iran, and Sudan.
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