The culture of effort


In all types of gatherings we see every day a general outcry that coincide in stating the loss of the culture of effort as one of the main problems to be solved to improve our prospects for social development. It is argued in this case with full reason, there has been a certain decline in the motivation of individuals to perform tasks that only be rewarded after a long period of time. Understanding why this effect occurs in today’s society we will make appropriate proposals to begin to reverse the situation:
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Culture or business

I would like before going to clarify some concepts which I understand is not very clear.

It appears that you are confusing culture with entertainment and some ministries are promoting foster confusion especially for private corporate interests against the interests of all citizens.

Public money is being spent on campaigns against piracy trying to criminalize P2P programs like the cause of a problem that has nothing to do with reality.
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Altruism as the core of the social construction

atruismThroughout the history the family has been a radical celeula important for the future of individuals and species. They are classics and the study of Engels and others in this regard. Of course, we mean the family concept in a broad sense and ancient, in a sequence along mutable times and places, where the traditional Western version is just one of many possible alternatives. What defines a major part in the family institution, understood in a manner as open and multifaceted as we are able to imagine (polyandrous, polygamous, pairing, communal, traditional, single parent, gay …), is the altruistic component providing services established between caregivers and offspring.
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There is relation between abortion and breast cancer

For several years, the world of oncology (cancer) has asked us if there is an increased risk of breast cancer in women who have an abortion. This relationship is based on many studies in the U.S. and other countries, from 1957 until 2000, where it was found that the risk of breast cancer increased in women who had an abortion.

Over 20 of these studies were reviewed by Dr. Joel Brind, who in 1996 published a review of these facts in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, where he mentioned that there were about 18 studies that postulated an association (including 9 10 U.S. studies). The same article also mentioned that there were about five studies showed no relationship.
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Social networks and the Law of Darwin

Spanish companies have increased in recent months, most notably, his interest in social networks, some networks that until relatively recently still time were almost unknown, its use was directly associated with leisure. The use of social networks as a tool for daily work grows exponentially. The twenty-first century business is a company in the network, one can not understand modern business without an active presence on the Internet, and can not be understood an active presence on the Internet without an active presence on social networks.

The brand, products, growth of any enterprise are closely linked to the degree of knowledge of it by its customers, by their partners, and by the market. The form, which maintains a firm stance against internet in general and towards social networks in particular define its development potential. The important thing is the attitude any problem of life and the problems of the company are part of the problems of life.
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Virtual money versus real money


Always existed a correlation between the circulating money and real wealth, which is half the gold standard. When it broke allowed to enter the speculative field with its own money, very dangerous ground, because if in 1929, stock market speculation, which ended up sinking the financial system in 2010 is the speculation on own money. It began to create virtual money from the debt issue. In the case of the states was debt that had to be purchased by states or financial institutions. The state got real money in exchange for issuing debt to be purchased by another.
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Peruvian Socialist Antonio Gramsci

gramsciAntonio Gramsci dies April 27, 1937. Yesterday was celebrated as the anniversary of his death. Elsewhere, Europe, for example, a tribute can be carried out even after that date. As there were many factors that can not publish the exact day of the anniversary of the death of Antonio Grasci, we chose to publish it now.

Gramsci has a very busy and creative life, which has guided for many generations of communists and socialists around the world. Especially prized are their writings made in prison.
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Reports from the heart


.. I’m traveling, I’ve been a week in Nouadhibou, living experiences here also taught me much about life. I train route through the wilderness, twelve hours (no exaggeration) waiting more than nine in a village in the desert. I had the opportunity to meet many interesting people and live the odd adventure.

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Afraid to be free


Is it the fear of being different from others? It is the fear of freedom. Could be free, but the subject is afraid of being someone other than the collective, that is, stop being mediocre. It is to be free entails responsibility and this undoubtedly is a difficult task.

He says “I want” but do not want to encourage self-employment. Stand out for what it costs to “excel” – put his head out on the media – and affects the behavior of those who refuse to be “one more” of the heap.
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A history of German children

german-childrenWhoever you are interested in European political history of the last century impresses Das weisse Band, Michael Haneke. Disruptive, flawless, complex and subtle, the Austrian film director gets to turn in a convincing manner, at such a frequent subject of the origins of Nazi totalitarianism. In this case also shows all the sterility of philosophical thought, concentrated from Lukács to denounce the intellectual history of National Socialism, like the complete works of Nietzsche and Pareto were better that the financing capacity conforming millionaire in the twenties were the Nazi party paramilitary squads. The first merit of the film is and, therefore, escape from this intellectual genealogy (and banal) of fascism to get into their record more material, political and cultural.
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