Greatly increasing oil

On the oil market today, we have exactly what one would expect, when oil traded above $ 97 per barrel mark Brent. That’s when I started to say that almost nothing can prevent the break level 100 and go higher. And if you leave already above, the level of 105 does not restrict. Everything is exactly what happened. The Russian stock market should be located in the euphoria of those days. Today, oil rose $ 5, which has tremendous growth as the fundamental factors and previously identified technical prerequisites for the breakthrough.
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Wall Street 1 Europe 0

U.S. indices ended the session mixed Friday, with stocks (S & P 500: -0.02% Dow Jones: +0.07% NASDAQ: -0.38%), in a dull session, typical of low volume this holiday season and gives close to a week equally bland, but it hides one of the best monthly performance since the 2003 U.S. rates, with increases above 6% and closed a very positive year for Wall Street (Nasdaq: +17 % S & P 500: +13%, Dow Jones +11%).

This good performance of U.S. rates, contrasts sharply with the Europeans in comparison with the Eurostoxx 50, which closed with losses of around 6%. U.S. suffered from the crisis before, but also measures progress in macro data and begin to reflect, while the debt crisis in the eurozone is still far from solved. The decorrelation for U.S. rates will remain in the 2,011.

Therefore I am confident that New Yorkers index, ended 2011 with very good results and hopefully one year ahead. However, short-term rates are going very overbought and showing signs of fatigue, so once the magical effect of the first days of January, there is every chance of a sharp correction, for which there will be very vigilant and prepared the stops.
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Its Not A Profit Until You Exit The Trade part 2

Step Two: The next step is to watch our stock on a daily basis and continue to extend our trend line as the stock moves higher. While extending the trend line we do not want to change the angle of which the line is progressing. If the stock begins to break through our line we would proceed to step three.

Step Three: You will notice on the chart shown below that our stocks momentum is beginning to slow and its daily bars are beginning to break through our trend line. It may help to envision the first part of the stocks move as a golfer teeing off, the stock shot off the tee and was moving upward and outward with increasing momentum. Now you will notice that the stock like the golf ball is beginning to slow, and once the momentum is lost will more than likely begin to fall back to earth.
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euro / yen to know whether they will suffer or not

Further analysis of the blogosphere that this time focuses attention on the part of the foreign exchange market and one of the stars of this summer currencies: the yen. Analysts give us their views on the euro / yen to know whether they will suffer the mortgage in yen and Japan if the government eventually will be forced to intervene to halt the rise of its currency.

This is the view of analysts:

  • Ramon Ceresuela (The Stock Exchange from the Pyrenees): IBERDROLA RENEWABLES back side
  • Javier Alfayate (Stock Exchange): The biweekly analysis of the blogosphere: Yen
  • Javier Esteban (Options and Futures): Analysis of the Blogosphere I: EUR / JPY
  • Antonio Rodriguez (The quintessential bag): Technical Analysis of the Euro / Yen. The ordeal continues multicurrency mortgage
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Brazil will impose charges if U.S. cotton

lulaThe Brazilian government announced Monday it would implement a total of $ 591 million in trade sanctions on U.S. goods in a move intended to go against cotton subsidies granted U.S. a year ago under a ruling of the World Trade.

The government published a list of 102 U.S. imports from subject to increases in import tax “II” in Brazil.
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European shares advance for a fourth straight

Europe’s major stock ended the day today with new highs, scoring his fourth consecutive increase.

Thus, the rates are aligned with the profits that Wall Street scores this hour.

Thus, the benchmark index of the Spanish stock market, the Ibex-35 rose 1.36%, to 10,664.50 points while the CAC 40 in Paris rose 0.80% to reach 3842.52 units.

Meanwhile, London’s FTSE 100 rose 0.90% to 5533.21 points, while the DAX 0.72% higher registers, touching 5817.88 points.