Our moral development in diapers!

Big Dilemma!

transgenic-pigsScience and technology have advanced so rapidly that no longer seems to have brakes on their development. For a while scientists at the Polytechnic University of Virginia, USA, have created transgenic pigs to produce protein C, which could become the key to stroke prevention.

It is also known, hundreds of assistance programs that scientific and technological placed at the service of humanity. Genetic engineering has made huge strides and biomedicine is celebrating. Blessed is the science!
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SMEs, in the current context of global crisis, more than ever are becoming aware that they can not fall behind in technology and an intelligent implementation can revitalize their business.

In this aspect, since many SMEs are encouraged to incorporate technology, following the lead of others who are better positioned in the competitive market to reckon with it.

Be assessed, which features expected from a technology and resources (human, infrastructure, services) requires SMEs.
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Argentina must change the productive matrix and make based on science and technology. (As it’s trying to do)

This basic research should be done with genuine resources and not depend on anyone.

The government must implement economic policies of the State, durable and credible, which are maintained by successive governments in the future.

Agribusiness, Steel, petrochemical and metal mechanics, are the sectors with greatest potential for growth and they should target the creation of technology.

Every technological process, accompanied mainly by an effective quality management at all levels and sectors of the economy, both public and private sector, enhance and ensure the chances of finding the path of development that our country deserves to be a privileged nation in terms of natural and human resources.
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To interpret the present and immediate future of the globalized world, we must know the reality of advanced technologies of information and its social effects of their deployment and commercialization in society.

This was implemented at international level after the 2nd. World War, under the control of multinational corporations for profit and profit maximization.

The continued development of these technologies allows imperialist control of the people, by way of manipulating the minds of people through television, Internet and so on.

Modern technology as a means of world domination part – 1

At present, according to the rapid and continuous evolution of the world, the basis of the sovereignty of a state is no longer the standard of living, GDP, export capacity and nuclear capacity for some or all of them can result in underdeveloped or emerging countries and not have absolute sovereignty.

If not, are a small group of strategic technologies, which ensure a truly independent and sovereign nations.
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