Sick Day Part 2: The Reckoning

I feel worse today than I did yesterday. The docs have put me on bed rest for three days (of course, school and work will force me to ignore those directives).

Enjoy Raylan Givens’ post on the bizarre circumcision case coming out of Oregon. And while I agree that Scientology get persecuted a lot because their beliefs haven’t been mainstreamed, I feel I should point out that the reason they haven’t been mainstreamed is because their frig gin crazy.
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Sick Today: Quick Links Post

I’m feeling less than well today my compatriots. So this will be a quick link entry (and hopefully Big Blue will be back to normal tomorrow):

Scientists create artificial life. Though it can sing and dance, it is not what the triple-threat oriented Hollywood is looking for:

Taking a significant step toward the creation of synthetic forms of life, researchers reported Thursday that they had manufactured the entire genome of a bacterium by stitching together its chemical components.
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Hillary Clinton Wants FL and MI to Count

This is an unbelievably low point of the Clinton campaign. She wants delegates from the states that were stripped of those delegates by failing to adhere to the Democratic primary schedule. Nobody campaigned in Michigan, and she was the only one on the ballot there after the other main contenders took themselves out of that race in respect of Democratic Party rules. These delegates would not actually reflect the will of the voters because they didn’t have any other viable options besides Clinton.
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Lonely Giuliani

Ah, poor Rudy Giuliani. America’s Mayor. The tough-talking city boy with an out-sized ego and malnourished intellect. Tied for third with Mike Huckabee in Florida. Florida, he would tell us so often, will change everything. Now he trails the front runners there, John McCain and Mitt Romney, by 15 points.
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Obama Takes South Carolina by Huge Margin

Barack Obama is up 55-27 over Hillary Clinton with 93% of precincts reporting. A few of the counties with only a few precincts reported — Chester, Hampton & Richland counties, most notably — contain far high numbers of black citizens than the counties which have reported their votes, and far higher concentrations of blacks than the overall state average. Hampton and Chester are both about 45-50% black, so Obama will probably edge up a couple more points before it’s over.
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Obama Victory: South Carolina Breakdown

Barack Obama didn’t just win this election, he dominated from one end of the state to the other. South Carolina has 46 counties and the only two counties Obama failed to win were Oconee County (birthplace of John Edwards, which only has a black population of only 8%) and Horry County which — with a large retirement community — skews heavily to Clinton and possesses only about half the proportion of black citizens as the rest of the state. Yet despite that Obama came within six points of Clinton there 33-39% of the vote and beat John Edwards by 33-28%. Obama’s individual vote count exceeds that of the two top Republican finishers combined, McCain and Huckabee who received 279,273 between them while Obama took 295,091 on his own.
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Most Interesting Application of Roe v. Wade Ever!

I must say that when people started fighting for the right to an abortion, I’m sure that they never thought that it would come up in this context. The Sixth Circuit, relying on Supreme Court precedent, held that the state of Missouri must provide transportation to abortion clinics for inmates who want an abortion. This will almost certainly be appealed and I will eagerly be watching to see if the Supreme Court takes it and then how it will rule.
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Hate Speech and the First Amendment

Speaking of the First Amendment, Glenn Greenwald posted an excellent piece yesterday about hate speech law in Canada. The hate speech movement has gained a ton of credence in Europe and Canada. Europe is especially sensitive to these types of law because of its violent encounters with hate speech during the course of the 20th century.
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