EDUCATE is ‘Building’ MAN

The great difficulty, today!

Not infrequently – Roger Texier said in “Anthropology and Philosophy of Education”, page 138 – education is seized by the idea of teaching and learning of knowledge, skills and mastery of technology capabilities, in terms of competence required society.

Our schools train students to compete successfully in the market society. But education is not only instill knowledge, it seems – judging by the rapid decline in the ethical level of mankind – is the ultimate goal of education.
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Economics, Art or Science?

In his NYT Op-Ed , Brooks concludes that the economy after the crisis, will be art and not science. The distinction is old, remember their origins in Aristotle, to differentiate it from science (a knowledge of the causes).

The note from Brooks, presents the history of economic thought in a simplified but illustrates the passage from social science in its origins, the claim almost an exact science is dominated by the language of math, to re-behaviorism through, and after the impact of the crisis to its original character.
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The problem of the crisis: economic theories

There are certainly economic crisis. This means that businesses today are not as buoyant as they were earlier this year.

So what?

In other months or a couple of years or few years will be again. Life does not end today. Moreover, life on Earth takes about three billion years homo sapiens some forty thousand years, and our civilization at least three thousand years. And life has survived, the human civilization has survived and survived.
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What is multiculturalism?

A few years ago, the internal newsletter of a major university published an essay written by two professors entitled The Statement of the Black Faculty Caucus (The statement of the Black Caucus of Teachers). The purpose of the trial was to define how the university could become in a truly multicultural institution. He spoke of delegation of power, authority, Western culture and transformation. The goal of the Black Faculty Caucus was to create a critical mass of “minority people” with empowerment at all levels of the university system. The essay argued that “Euro-American teaching materials for people of color can not do that college is multicultural, because multiculturalism requires people of color empowerment in addition to areas of knowledge empowerment.” At the end of the trial, the authors wrote: “What we are talking about here is nothing less than transforming the college into a multicultural learning center, whatever it unless it continues education system that ends up playing the racism and racists. ”
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Majul vs. Victor Hugo Morales

Victor hugo

In a debate organized by Metro on investigative journalism, last week joined several journalists around the book The Master of Luis Majul, which tells the story of Nestor Kirchner and corruption during his rule. The book is already a sales success: over 200 thousand copies in a few months.
But Victor Hugo Morales, one of the journalists present at the table, lashed out hard against the book Majul, whom he accused to be “able to do anything for the rating. He said, inter alia, that “investigative journalism call to book Luis would be disrespectful to investigative journalism.”
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SMEs, in the current context of global crisis, more than ever are becoming aware that they can not fall behind in technology and an intelligent implementation can revitalize their business.

In this aspect, since many SMEs are encouraged to incorporate technology, following the lead of others who are better positioned in the competitive market to reckon with it.

Be assessed, which features expected from a technology and resources (human, infrastructure, services) requires SMEs.
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Argentina must change the productive matrix and make based on science and technology. (As it’s trying to do)

This basic research should be done with genuine resources and not depend on anyone.

The government must implement economic policies of the State, durable and credible, which are maintained by successive governments in the future.

Agribusiness, Steel, petrochemical and metal mechanics, are the sectors with greatest potential for growth and they should target the creation of technology.

Every technological process, accompanied mainly by an effective quality management at all levels and sectors of the economy, both public and private sector, enhance and ensure the chances of finding the path of development that our country deserves to be a privileged nation in terms of natural and human resources.
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Modern technology as a means of world domination part – 1

At present, according to the rapid and continuous evolution of the world, the basis of the sovereignty of a state is no longer the standard of living, GDP, export capacity and nuclear capacity for some or all of them can result in underdeveloped or emerging countries and not have absolute sovereignty.

If not, are a small group of strategic technologies, which ensure a truly independent and sovereign nations.
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Belo Monte: the triumphant return of the military dictatorship

The Lula government has undeniable merits in the social field. But at the environmental issue is unconscionable and a glaring backwardness. Analyzing the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) we feel we are back to the nineteenth century. It’s the same mentality that sees nature as a mere pool of resources as a basis for programming pharaonic projects, carried out by blood and fire, within a model of growth exceeded that favors large corporations at the expense of predation by the nature and the creation of great poverty.
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Unnecessary handling of a promise

Ball on the floor

First disinterest, to get the handling then follow with a little blackmail and finish the series with derogatory terms referring to the player-who sought firm with them and their family.

Nice argument for a novel dye “player” with the odd romance in the middle, which would put more seasoning. But no, this is reality … The reality of a club, Cerro Porteno, which lacked tact to handle the case of Juan Manuel Iturbe, pigeon crack, which now seems to finally leave the state.
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