Clock work

June 26 I wrote about how I was going to create a new project in the network, the second after writing and today came the day when I have done 99% of the work. 99% due to the fact that for certain, there will be some little things that still need to fix, but everything else is ready.

In fact, the net time spent on coding the entire 28 hours, and I wrote just two days: yesterday and today, 20 hours 8. I do not know what inspired me, because I only June 26-30, wrote out a sheet of paper with a database structure and tired Probably accumulated so much power
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Everything has to be balanced

Embraer was founded by Brazil’s military dictatorship in 1969 to compete with Boeing Corporation in the U.S. and learn in my courses forex. Almost bankrupt by the regime of the company surprised the world when the mid-1990s, the Brasilia had become the most widely used turboprop in the United States, according to the New York Times.

Imagine that Embraer sells jets from Japan Airlines for $ 50 million, and Japan Airlines to pay their own real [Brazilian currency] maintained in the Banco Bradesco, in São Paulo. Thus, revenues of $ 50 million is recorded as a credit (+) Balance of Payments account. Banco Bradesco get a debit card (-) for the payment of money.
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Pick-up racism?


These days it is presenting the book “An Essay on Violence: At the frontiers of the human. Its author, Eloy Cuadra, knows the difficulties of the immigrants who make the great journey from Mauritania to the Canary Islands. For 5 years he was patrolling the coasts. Since then dedicated his life to defending the civil rights of immigrants.
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A salute to my mom, my dad and for all that know me

Since I started writing the column and to mention friends and relatives in the same me something strange began to happen. Those who still did not mention in this little square of paper say: “Hey! Then what? When you say something pious about me? … Do not you remember that time …?”. Keep in mind that we are talking about a humble little column of notoriety. Not that I’m writing up an orange unicorn with delusions of grandeur. Moreover, I can not imagine what they have said Humberto Rubin’s cousins in the Sunday lunches, “che, Humberto, and what then bun? When greeting, crazy?”.
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To interpret the present and immediate future of the globalized world, we must know the reality of advanced technologies of information and its social effects of their deployment and commercialization in society.

This was implemented at international level after the 2nd. World War, under the control of multinational corporations for profit and profit maximization.

The continued development of these technologies allows imperialist control of the people, by way of manipulating the minds of people through television, Internet and so on.

Social Justice – Justice ecological

Among the many problems that plague mankind, two are particularly serious: social injustice and environmental injustice. Both must be addressed together if we are to secure route to humanity and the planet Earth.

Social injustice is something historic, derived from the economic model that, in addition to plunder nature, generates more poverty than it can handle and overcome. It involves large accumulation of goods and services on the one hand, glaring at the expense of poverty and misery, on the other. The figures speak for themselves: there are billions of people living on the edge of survival with only a dollar a day, and 2,600 million people (40% of humanity) living on less than two dollars a day. The consequences are perverse. Just to cite one fact: there are 350 to 500 million cases of malaria, with a million victims a year, preventable.
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The Road

Let’s do an experiment. It aims to reverse the sequence of the social contract, making the men will agree to spend the state of nature. Let us place an individual socialized in the world today in a devastated scene virtually penniless and with few peers with whom to talk and share. Take your hand to a child born at this apocalyptic situation and appreciate the contrasting attitudes and reactions to a reality as hostile.

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Before the seventh day

“Who”s he?” Was the question I asked him to Euclides Acevedo in the early eighties in a meeting of opposition parties that conglomerate called National Accord Stroessner. My finger pointed to an almost unknown septuagenarian who listened carefully to the speeches. “Although I believe, is a retired International Monetary Fund returned to the country and, moreover, is a socialist,” she replied. The answer I forget, for it sounded so contradictory. Over time, I should acknowledge that the only thing outrageous it was that was in my ignorance.
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Path full of hills

For those who contend that the rush of life in Paraguay is one of endurance rather than speed, have several reasons to justify his theory. A quick trip through the routes in the country shows that we have returned to the backs of donkeys, whose destruction was one of the few good works of Gonzalez Macchi government. Today they are in the same position and with the same dangers. Hidden horizontally and without prior signaling, these substances become true traps on the roads of the country.
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