The time and the turn of the Asian

If we consider the consequences of the current financial and economic crisis we see a disturbing inertia. United States managed to impose on Europe’s decision to keep the market as the linchpin of the economy with the promise of controls and regulations that have not yet been implemented. Barack Obama leaned in the direction of Wall Street and the taxpayers’ money saved and supported banks were the main culprits of the crisis. Increasingly, it is shown as a president who obeys the logic of an empire in decline, as only force that really counts is their ability to kill everyone and destroy life on earth. This is the truth that nobody likes to say or hear.
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The U.S. health reform

CastroBarack Obama is a fanatical believer in the capitalist-imperialist system imposed by the United States to the world. “God Bless America,” concludes his speeches.

Some of his actions hurt the sensitivity of world opinion, which was sympathetic to African American citizen’s victory over a candidate of the extreme right wing in this country. Based on one of the deepest economic crisis the world has known, and the pain caused by the young Americans who lost their lives or were wounded or maimed in the genocidal wars of conquest of his predecessor, won the votes of the majority of 50% of Americans deign to go to the polls in that democratic country.

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it is the stupid Job!!

Is the economy, stupid! “Is a phrase that he had written the former president Bill Clinton on a poster in his office, always remembering where I had to focus their efforts. It seems that Obama’s current “boss” American, would concentrate its energy on lowering the high unemployment resulting from the crisis of 2008, despite pressure from his cabinet of advisers monetarists who ask more attention to the potential emergence of inflationary pressures .
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The changes that Obama seeks to increasingly complicated

christopher_dodd_official_portrait_2A year ago the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is determined to make a substantive change in overseeing the U.S. financial system, terribly beaten by the global financial crisis caused almost by themselves.

But over the months complicates things, and one of the major reforms he wants to bring forward in his chair becomes cloudy each day.
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Book Review: “Promises to Keep”

Joe Biden’s Promises To Keep details his life and his political career. Biden not only provides an excellent analysis of how he would deal with the problems facing this country, but also valuable insights into his internal motivations.

Promisestokeep For example, Biden starts the book by discussing a stuttering problem that hampered him greatly until high school. He worked hard to overcome the stutter, often standing in front of the mirror for hours repeating a single phrase until the stutter went away. Biden’s work ethic got him into a high school that his parents could afford; instead of settling for less, he spent the summer doing “work-study” — grounds crew/janitorial work — to make up the tuition difference.
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I Don’t Care

…who McCain or Obama selects to help vet their vice-presidential candidates. What does this have to do with anything? Policy advisers are one thing, the choice for vice presidents yet another, but the choice for the individual who is going to help vet the choices for vice president is completely inconsequential. I don’t have television, so I don’t know how much play this story is getting, but the fact that this kind of non-sense has trickled its way down to me is rather disturbing.
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Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech

I believe we can all be very pleased with Senator Clinton’s speech today. She did an excellent job of highlighting her own accomplishments, while still undeniably throwing her full support behind our nominee. I believed she did a great job of demonstrating the collective goals we all share, and helped to salve the bruises many of her supporters are probably nursing at the end of this hard-fought primary season. In fact, I believe this is one of her best speeches of the season (and not just because she’s endorsing Obama). I hope she can keep up the energy over the rest of this campaign season. Thank you, Senator. Today, we are no longer Clintonistas and Obamatons; we are all again Democrats.

Ross Perot Slams McCain, Reads Email Forwards

Newsweek has a somewhat strange piece up right now with Ross Perot. Well, no, that’s a bit of a lie. The piece went up in January, but I’ve only just now found out about it. The thrust of the piece is that Perot hates McCain, thinks he’s a phony, and actually called up Newsweek unsolicited to talk about. But here’s what interests me:

When I asked about Barack Obama, Perot said he admired his eloquence but thought it “a little odd that we would be less concerned about his background than being a Mormon.” Perot was pleasantly surprised when I told him that Obama was a Christian, not a Muslim, and relieved when I informed him that the e-mail Perot (and untold others) received about Obama not the Pledge of Allegiance was a fraud.
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Joint Town Hall Meetings?

McCain’s camp sent Obama’s a letter requesting ten joint town hall meetings to occur between June 12th and the Democratic Convention on August 25th. I love this idea. I wonder if it would be back to back town hall meetings, or if the two candidates would share the same stage at the same time. The sheer physical contrast wouldn’t be helpful to McCain. He’s relatively short (5’9″), while Obama’s quite tall (6’1″). He’s very old, whereas Obama looks youthful. And finally, he’s not a great public speaker, while Obama is one of our best. Admittedly, the pre-written speech is Obama’s greatest strength, but his endless debates with Clinton have helped to sharpen his skills in straight forward Q & As.
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Howard Dean Stays as Chair of DNC!

This is the best news I’ve heard in a long, long time. From the Obama campaign:

Senator Obama appreciates the hard work that Chairman Dean has done to grow our party at the grassroots level and looks forward to working with him as the chairman of the Democratic Party as we go forward.
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