Conference on Israel Strategy 2010

Conference date: 27 to 29 December 2010

Conference Venue: Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
Conference country: Israel.

Conference theme:
ISC provides an opportunity for scholars to exchange ideas and advance their research in strategic management and related fields such as entrepreneurship and international business. ISC is an annual conference hosted by different Israeli universities on a rotating basis.
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Conference on Asian Business Research 2010

Conference date: 23-24 December 2010

Conference Venue: BIAM Foundation, 63 Eskaton, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Conference country: Bangladesh.

Conference theme:
Theoretical and empirical papers or case studies relating to all broad areas of Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economic, Management, Marketing, Business Statistics, Business Law and Business Education are invited for the above international conference which is supported by five international peer reviewed journals: Journal of Business & Policy Research, Global Economy and Finance Journal. International Review of Business Research Papers, World Journal of Management and Global Review of Accounting and Finance, World Academy of Social Science and World Business Institute Australia.
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International Borneo Business Conference 2010, Malaysia

Conference date: 13 to 15 December 2010

Conference Venue: ParkCity Everly Hotel, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Conference country: Malaysia.

Conference theme:
The theme of IBBC 2010 is “Dawn of a New Horizon: Business and Economic Challenges“. In conjunction to the recent developments in the business and economic environments, the theme is chosen to solicit active and dynamic discussions on issues pertaining to global climate change, global economic and financial crises and their impacts on the business and economic climates in the Borneo as well as the global world.
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Youth Marketing Conference 2010,China

Conference date: 6 to 7 December 2010

Conference Venue: Shanghai, China

Conference country: China

Conference theme:
This conference feature experts in promotional and interactive marketing, brand management and strategic partnerships, as well as traditional and new media. In case studies and panel presentations, speakers demonstrate how leading companies are increasing market share and deepening brand loyalty among youth audiences.
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International Conference on Business Cases 2010 (ICBC2010), India

Conference date: 2 to 3 December 2010

Conference Venue: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Conference country: India

Conference theme:
A business case is a description of an actual situation or an event involving issues, problems, and conflicts requiring a resolution or decision making. A well developed case is typically a record of business issues and a historical and clinical study of a situation evolving in an organization because of the change dynamics in external or internal environment. It allows readers to investigate a contemporary phenomenon.
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International Conference on Applied Business Research 2010

Conference date: November 29 – December 3, 2010

Conference Venue: Ras Al Khaimah – United Arab Emirates

Conference country: United Arab Emirates

Conference theme:
After previous conferences held in Bangkok, Beijing, Brno, Accra and Valletta, this year´s conference will be held in Ras Al Khaimah. The purpose of the 6th annual world conference ICABR is to stimulate research and to foster interaction of researchers in Applied Business and Economic Research. The latest developments and newest techniques in all areas of business and business applications are of special interest. Contributions dealing with issues related to the current financial and economic crisis and its impact on the future development are also welcomed this year.
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Geothermal Energy Asia Pacific Conference 2010

Conference date: 22 to 23 November 2010

Conference Venue: Bali, Indonesia

Conference country: Indonesia

Conference theme:
With the global push for cleaner source of energy and high demands on electricity generations in some emerging economies in Asia Pacific, geothermal is seen to be the best natural source of renewable energy around. Against this background, Asia Business Forum is pleased to present Geothermal Energy Asia Pacific Conference to be held in Bali on 22-23 November 2010. Themed “Determining the Future and Investment Opportunities of Geothermal Energy in Asia Pacific”, this Conference will be very timely in the international investment opportunity, industry outlook, current profiles of geothermal projects, policy and regulatory issues, financial and legal concerns, environmental considerations in developing large-scale geothermal power projects in Asia Pacific. It is the only strategic forum where regulators and international industry players will meet and determine investment opportunities and seek business partners and prospects in the geothermal energy sector in Asia Pacific.
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Data Protection Practical Compliance Conference 2010

Conference date: 11 to 12 November 2010

Conference Venue: Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin 8, United kingdom.

Conference country: United kingdom.

Conference theme:
Organizations are now being asked to ensure an appropriate level of data protection accountability. It favors managing privacy objectives by establishing goals and giving staff both the ability and the responsibility to determine appropriate, effective measures to reach those goals.Good data management and compliance requires effective and well thought-out policies for handling personal data.Using sensitive personal data (such as health information and a person’s religion or ethnic origin) is already heavily restricted by data protection law. Recent developments mean that organizations need to be even more careful.
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OPEX – RISK 2010 Singapore

Conference date:28 & 29 September, Singapore

Conference Venue:Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel,Singapore

Conference country:Singapore

Conference theme:
The biggest beneficiaries of the crisis will be in Asia, with Asian capitals poised to take on the established international financial centers of Frankfurt, London and New York in the years to come’, writes senior executive of one of the world’s leading banks. Following the greatest financial meltdown post the Great Depression, Operational Excellence and proper risk management in financial institutions has been identified as the key strength to overcoming the dynamic challenges of today’s economic environment.
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The Future of Private Banking Conference 2010

Conference date: 29 September 2010

Conference Venue: London, United Kingdom

Conference country: United Kingdom

Conference theme:
Marketforce and the IEA’s 8th annual conference on The Future of Private Banking will come at a critical time for the private banking industry. As economies show signs that the slow progress towards recovery is beginning, the private banking sector needs to rebuild client relationships and restore trust.
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