The importance of creativity in the new business models

It was during the years 2000 and 2001 and, although not so long ago, there were no existing networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, etc. To introduce and explain our projects we performed a real “board game” where on a world map background were our projects are located. The chips were Travellers, each of us represented by a single line with a red heart and a walking foot fingers. According to our professional competence, we had a separate tool in the hand: the rule of the architects, the brush for the artist, the calculator for the economist, the bulb for the “ideal consultant” who I was, etc.
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The elegance of the creative acts

creative-actsCreativity can be approached from four perspectives: the product creator, the creative personality, the creative process and creative situation.

Defining a creative activity as a trial value behaves. A trial value is a finding which is founded on certain ideals. So it seems we need a certain “frame of reference” to make judgments of value and appreciate the creative activities. On the other hand, a creative activity as such is at the limits of our “frame of reference.” In a way we can consider the hypothesis that the tension between the familiar and the strange set of creative activities.
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