The forecasts for the euro are positive

According to the most accurate forecasts in terms of trends in forex currencies, the euro would lose ground in the coming weeks because of budget cuts from Spain and the resurgence of the debt crisis, which could drag the region into a new phase of European of recession.

The ‘economy is in front of the downside risks, including increased financial costs Spaniards and Italians. The president said the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi. The benefits that have been linked to loans from local banks and the ECB who have helped to push yields down, they are already fading and the region is facing a recession, while the U.S. is expanding at a pace rapidly in the last two years.
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The hours of Forex, the benefits of working 24 hours on 24

The Forex market is open 24 hours on 24, we know that. That’s why you can trade continuously from Sunday evening until Friday evening at 23 to 23. The forex market is always followed this line of movement comes from Sydney to Hong Kong, Hong Kong and fly to Europe from our continent the trading day ends in the United States.

Here’s the online forex market can be accessed 24 hours a day, without limits, and the ability to buy and sell currencies at any time of day and throughout the day. Just by the nature of the Forex to stay open 24 hours a day, the trader can engage in the sale and marketing of currencies at any time of day. As soon as you hear on news or political change, no matter what, he can open a position and make Forex.
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Summary currencies

The week just ended has seen the ‘euro to remain weak against other major currencies. Our currency has arrived once again close to the minimum reached last Dec. 14 against the dollar. From there it is a bit ‘went up, but the situation is much improved. Rather, the U.S. dollar is increasingly seen as a safe haven. Moreover, considering that even the richest countries in Europe seem to be in trouble, we are talking of France, here the situation is getting worse. To this is added the fear of a global downgrading of euro area countries by rating agencies and how they can take the unknown markets.

Regarding the exchange rate between euro and dollar, next week we are attentive to any confirmation before opening a new location.
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Summary currencies

The week just ended has captured the attention of all the meetings on Thursday and Friday in Brussels, where leaders of the Eurozone have found a solution by ratifying a particular treaty, which would affect the financial condition of the countries that acceded to. Of a total of 27 countries, took part in the 17 countries that currently have the euro, plus another 9 countries. The only excluded Britain, as Cameron said that this agreement would not have made the interests of his country.

After the decision, the exchange rate between the euro and the dollar has seen a slight trend in favor of our currency, even though the dollar has kept very well because the U.S. exchanges have responded well to the news, with Wall Street soaring. For next week’s trading we expect a rise of the euro, by virtue of this news, but we are careful to dollar strength.
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Summary currencies

The week that just ended saw a gain of important ‘in the middle of the euro itself, just on Wednesday, following the decision of the world’s major central banks to intervene and groped to give support to our currency. The euro has in fact had a large gain Wednesday, a sign that central banks’ decision to allow foreign banks to borrow money more easily, was appreciated by the markets. Our currency against the dollar, it has come up before breaking 1.3500 share. Unfortunately, this price has been kept for a short time, as investors have started to sell euro on fear of contagion and sovereign debt. Our currency has indeed closed the week down.

The exchange rate between sterling and U.S. dollar, we see exactly the same trend as that seen previously. The British pound gained against the dollar until the end of the week, then lost ground yesterday, closing at an altitude of around 1.5600. For the next week we can think of even a trend in favor of the U.S. dollar.
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Euro / dollar keeps levels. Metals are reduced

Money likes to migrate from sector to sector, from one market to another. Such a situation can be observed today. Money coming out of industrial and precious metals, but nevertheless, the European currency close day in almost the same point where it was opened.

But another important observation can be called as the fact that the quotes go from level to level, but at the current market conditions, when the trend is clear yet, better work release from the levels, rather than their breakdown. Thus it is possible to explain the current situation on the euro / dollar. The pair has found strong support at 1.3430, which was not broken today, even under the pressure of the markets. Expect that level is broken can be morning and afternoon, against the background of how the falling pound and metals, in the evening I was almost sure that the euro will be able to overcome the level of support after the sale began on the U.S. stock market. But none of that happened, today we saw raskorelyatsiyu.
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Summary currencies

We see in what manner the major currency pairs have moved in the week just ended. First, we can say, with regard to our currency, which was finally mounted, and the government. We hope that this solution could bring benefit to our country. The ‘euro against the U.S. dollar has lost ground in the opening week and up to half of the same, then slow down and move laterally towards the end of the week. From our graphs we can see that next week we expect a rising euro, driven also by the breath of freshness and positivism, which expects the euro and the markets.

The pound has lost much ground against the U.S. dollar, tracing the evolution of the euro against the U.S. currency. For the next week we expect a trend in favor of the British currency. What could weigh on the dollar is the stalemate of Supercommittee, strongly wanted by Obama to resolve the crisis of the roof of the U.S. debt and that by next November 23 should find a solution to reduce the debt of 1.2 trillion U.S. within the next 10 years.
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Summary currencies

The week just ended was very important for our currency, given that several important decisions were taken on the resolution of the debt problem greek. Equally important will be the meeting to be held tomorrow in the euro area, in order to try to find a permanent solution, which, however, seems still far from coming. As regards the performance of the week the euro against the U.S. dollar, we can see from our charts a course to “W”, with peaks that have been maintained at a value of 1.3900 and minimum dropped below 1.3700 share. Wait for next week is the market reaction to the meeting tomorrow and then evaluate what to do.

The exchange rate between U.S. dollar and British pound have seen a fairly side until yesterday, when the pound has taken a leap forward in gaining a lot and going beyond the proportion of 1.5900. For the next week we expect a decline of this exchange ratio, but before opening a position waiting for confirmation.
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Find a forex broker online

If you are interested in getting involved in the markets, then take a word of warning. It can be very complicated indeed, and if you were to lose a fortune, you would not be the first and you would not be the last. That being said, it can be an excellent opportunity for you to be able to make a lot of one if you play your cards right and approach with caution.

At the moment a lot of people are making serious amounts of money by trading on the forex. This is the foreign exchange market, which focuses on the currencies of the world. People trade on the value of these currencies in relation to each other, so whilst it can be very complicated indeed, it also makes sense quite clearly and can be an easier concept to get your head around rather than the stock market which is fraught with difficulty.
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Summary currencies

The week just ended has seen very difficult day for the United States, which still can not find an agreement to increase the debt ceiling and now seriously threaten a default. The exchange rate between euro and dollar, our currency has touched a peak at an altitude of around 1.4500 in the middle of the week, before falling back to the weekend, since even in our continent the situation is of grave crisis, due to fear of sovereign debt and that the contagion from Greece, also expands to Spain and Italy.

The exchange ratio Sterling / U.S. dollar has had to take a slightly rising trend, with evidence of how the situation in the UK is better than you are living in the U.S., where the tension “can be cut with a knife.” For the next week we expect a trend in favor of the English uniform, but be careful about what will happen in the U.S. Senate during the first days of next week, as if you were able to find a deal on debt, the dollar could gain ground.
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