Modern technology as a means of world domination part – 1

At present, according to the rapid and continuous evolution of the world, the basis of the sovereignty of a state is no longer the standard of living, GDP, export capacity and nuclear capacity for some or all of them can result in underdeveloped or emerging countries and not have absolute sovereignty.

If not, are a small group of strategic technologies, which ensure a truly independent and sovereign nations.
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Our Precious Bodily Fluids

Perhaps Jack D. Ripper, the paranoid general from Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove wasn’t so crazy after all. It looks like our society is so medicated that the medications we’re failing to absorb into our bodies are actually making it back into our drinking water. So, in addition to your little menagerie of pills, you’re also taking a dozen other drugs you’re unaware of. And our filtration systems are not equipped to remove them. It’s hard to say how dangerous this issue ultimately is.
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McCain’s Environmental Record for 2007

The League of Conservation Voters just released their scorecards for 2007. John McCain, that moderate, maverick, straight-talking machine scored a whopping zero percent. So, again for those Democrats who think Obama or Hillary will be the end of the party and will thus rather vote for McCain, a “reasonable” conservative, in 2008, remember that there is nothing reasonable about that man. He couldn’t find one pro-environmental bill in all of last year that suited his tastes, which puts him in the same league as ultra-conservatives Trent Lott (R-MS) and John Cornyn (R-TX).
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The Irony of Armchair Activism (All Solutions Welcomed)

This isn’t the kind of post I intend to feature on this site much, but I’ve come across a search engine which uses Google for its searches, but donates the profits of its ad results to organizations trying to save the rain forest. Given that most of us already use Google for searching, I think switching over to a Google-based search engine which actually protects the rain forests is a no-brainer. So I’m asking all readers to bookmark Friends Green and use it in the future for all your searching needs. In fact, email your friends about it. Let everyone know. It’s just like using Google, but it helps buy up rain forest land. The only thing they frown on is using automated queries in order to boost search totals, or tricking people into searching through it. If you’re like me the letters “” are deeply ingrained into your muscle memory, but I think its worth fighting through it to save what little rain forest we have left.
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