Euro zone, a very delicate

The euro started the week down after good earnings last week, but now seems stronger again. The euro area and the concerns that the debt crisis of the region can extend even to the healthiest nations, is still a very big problem.

Analysts said that the sentiment towards the currency is bearish, because most investors are looking to sell euros, mostly on hold auction of government debt in Italy and Spain, scheduled for tomorrow.
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Spain is in crisis and the euro suffers

Concerns about the finances of Spain were up yesterday, with bond yields in 10 years that have increased despite the expectations of new austerity measures. In terms of FX , this does not help our currency.

The performance of Spanish titles in 10 years is therefore increased to 5.81 percent from 5.74 percent of the Easter break. The difference today between the yield on the Spanish and German Securities was 4.11 percentage points, the highest since the time the new government took power during the month of December.
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The forecasts for the euro are positive

According to the most accurate forecasts in terms of trends in forex currencies, the euro would lose ground in the coming weeks because of budget cuts from Spain and the resurgence of the debt crisis, which could drag the region into a new phase of European of recession.

The ‘economy is in front of the downside risks, including increased financial costs Spaniards and Italians. The president said the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi. The benefits that have been linked to loans from local banks and the ECB who have helped to push yields down, they are already fading and the region is facing a recession, while the U.S. is expanding at a pace rapidly in the last two years.
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Forex, the euro is not helped by the firewall

After you stop looking only to Greece, since after the last aid the country could breathe a sigh of relief now that wobbles dangerously Spain, with Portugal and Italy could still follow the Iberian country.

The firewall of the euro area has been strengthened to a sum of 700 billion euros, but it is still not nearly enough if the major Eurozone economies, like Italy and Spain, should you need to be saved.

This is a difficult balancing act, given that increasing too much the bailout fund would send a clear message that there are serious doubts about Spain and Italy on economic survival.
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For we must not always believe the rating agencies

Few days ago, Moody, note rating agency, has threatened the United Kingdom to pursue a downgrade in the rating of the country, which is now in Triple A. Even if the British government has sought to blame the euro crisis of this statement, something from which I could actually depend on, Moody explained that their decision is mainly the result of poor economic prospects of the United Kingdom, which is a lower growth and a increased debt, a deficit larger than that of the past.
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Forecast for the week. Will there be a rebound in euro / dollar?

Euro decreased by good last week, but now is the question of whether the decline continued. The question is really very relevant, because the euro has almost reached a significant level of support that I have not written because I did not expect to decrease below 1.30 as early as this week. These are the levels of 1.2870 – 1.2850, if next week’s levels will not be punched down, and vice versa, that range from Euro draw a reversal, then we can take a good medium-term position and hold it until the end of the rollback.

If a rollback is still held, the first goal will be slightly higher than 1.32. At the same time, we can not exclude the situation that the market needed something a while to stand still. If you continue to range trade, the more likely we’ll see a corridor with the upper limit of 1.3050 – 1.3060 1.2950 bottom and, you know, it is safer shorts from the upper boundary, as We are still in a bearish trend.
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The euro continues to lose ground

The ‘Euro yesterday came to a minimum of 11 months now after the European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi, has wiped out the hopes for more bond purchases by the EU. The euro was at 1.3003 against the U.S. dollar share, before falling below the threshold of 1,300. The resistance now lies at an altitude of $ 1.3090, which would also lead to a retracement of 50 percent compared to the recent share value to 1.2944.

Dragons in the European Parliament said that the possibility of purchase of debt securities by the ECB is a temporary thing, disappointing investors who hoped the purchase of bonds, which would have maintained stable returns. Dragons also said that 2012 will be a difficult year for banks in the euro area and the region’s economic recovery will likely slow.
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The euro lost for the fourth consecutive week against the dollar

The ‘euro lost ground to the fourth week in a row, the longest streak against the dollar by 18 months, especially after the fight in Germany in an attempt to sell its bonds on Wednesday, highlighting how the crisis European debt is touching even the most fiscally strong nations.

The ‘euro fell for the third consecutive week even against the yen as a result of the fact that the rating was downgraded in Belgium. Italy and France now have to sell bonds next week.

The dollar gained against all other currencies after the supercommittee Congress failed to reach an agreement on cutting the deficit of the United States. The conditions of the foreign exchange market this week are still serious.
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Euro / dollar keeps levels. Metals are reduced

Money likes to migrate from sector to sector, from one market to another. Such a situation can be observed today. Money coming out of industrial and precious metals, but nevertheless, the European currency close day in almost the same point where it was opened.

But another important observation can be called as the fact that the quotes go from level to level, but at the current market conditions, when the trend is clear yet, better work release from the levels, rather than their breakdown. Thus it is possible to explain the current situation on the euro / dollar. The pair has found strong support at 1.3430, which was not broken today, even under the pressure of the markets. Expect that level is broken can be morning and afternoon, against the background of how the falling pound and metals, in the evening I was almost sure that the euro will be able to overcome the level of support after the sale began on the U.S. stock market. But none of that happened, today we saw raskorelyatsiyu.
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Down the euro, the Italian situation is scary

The ‘intensifying concerns about the debt of Italy and its political conditions, putting pressure on the weakened euro, which begins the Asian session today with a negative feeling. The f ocus of investors has shifted from Greece to Italy and our strength of the euro on sentiment is even stronger. Because the returns to the stars of Italian securities, which have exceeded 7%, there are large uncertainties, investors have said that the G7 will ask if you look at European level to help the ‘Italy or not, waiting to assess whether the Parliament will pass the austerity measures of the budget. In the past, the cases of Greece, Ireland and Portugal have been an example. All countries have a knock on the door of the European Fund for financial stability when the rate of their titles in 10 years has exceeded 8%.

Meanwhile, the euro fell against the dollar. The operators now believe that the level of 1.3500 is a key level which, if breached, could trigger a sharp decline due to a series of stop-loss orders below that point.
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