Forex: A Definite Guide to Demo Accounts

A Forex demo account is one of the most important components of the forex market. As a newbie trader you actually do not have that many chances of perfecting your craft without losing a substantial amount of money. A Forex demo account is something which makes it possible for you to practice as much as you would like to and explore the functionalities of the platform without investing real money. Let us find out how a forex demo account works. Read on to find out more in this regard.
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Understanding people to understand the market

Every day the markets are more complex, more international, and more liquid, with more people and robots operating in them. All this causes the current markets are difficult to understand and above all be changing, but people, mass and change their ways in a much slower than the market .

Some time ago, and from this assertion I thought the best way to trade the market would be understood as possible to people, if I could this would be able to understand the market for a longer period than any indicator. Today I want to show an example of how to understand people to understand the market, do not say that this is the absolute truth, but help me a lot to understand the functioning of the market.

I have spoken ever volume and how to interpret it along with the price to find out how people move, today I want to go a step further and talk about how to create a support or resistance. Continue reading Understanding people to understand the market

Why invest in binary options?

Investing in binary options provides a series of windows to other investment firms that make them a much more palatable alternative to get good benefits quickly.

To start binary options are simple to understand, especially compared with other investments. Although you should know a little of the stock market and learn how to interpret a graph, are things quite simple and intuitive and can begin to realize their investment almost immediately. By investing in binary options timeframes are short, which will begin charging its benefits very quickly, without long waits. You decide how much to invest in each asset class, so you know how much money is at stake and also know exactly how much money you can earn. Continue reading Why invest in binary options?

Successful forex trader’s attitude

Being forex trader needs to be more intelligent and experts, is to be, fair and disciplined. For the market you have spent hundreds of thousands of people and nearly all have been many surprises. Some have joined with the desire to amass great wealth (because that’s what it seemed) in no time, however, saw daily as its capital waned to disappear completely.

So I’ve deigned to capture part of my experience and the experience of those forex gurus, for all a person who wants or quella is starting as an operator in the Forex market you to consider the advice, which when taken in becomes seriously useful tools when opening operations.
Achieving success in currency trading requires forex trading contest and avoiding numerous difficulties much, or more, which makes finding and executing winning trades. In fact, most professional traders will tell you some of the specific trading methodologies that make traders are successful without patience are general rules to those traders strictly adhere that keep them “in the game” time sufficient for success. Below are the most common mistakes that traders believe the currency trading? Continue reading Successful forex trader’s attitude

Technical analysis of forex market May 7,2012

1.3006 to the euro this morning after the election of a governing Socialist France and Greece in the cacophony. If the French election was anticipated by the markets, concerned about the situation in Greece this morning. Indeed, no majority is exit polls and more importantly, anti-rigor parties may prevent the continuation of the implementation measures necessary to remedy the country and cause the end of the financial assistance Europe. Our advice in the morning, 1.30 and 2980/70 are our media. Parity has often bounced off these levels then the rash can be placed on the purchase with stoploss below 2970, between 65 and 55. The objectives are to increase the return on 3080. Attention since 3050 will act as intermediate resistance, causing a beginning of a range.

On the downside, sellers should come and put on either 3050 or 3080 with stoploss above 3095 and until 3105.
Finally, and even more in 2970, a decline could be like 2920 or 2880 objectives.
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Crude oil prices declined in New York

During the trading session in New York, which closed the week, the price of crude oil was found to be declining, reaching below $ 100 a barrel. More precisely, the value of oil has fallen by 4.05%, closing the week at $ 98.49 a barrel, the lowest price for 3 months now. It was, in fact, since last February 7 that oil did not reach these levels. The data is very important considering the fact that the U.S. is the largest economy in the world and the world’s largest consumer of oil.
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USD-CHF forex analysis for the week of May 7 to 11

The last week, we wrote, “. We have a support area 0.9080/70 and only the foolhardy will play back above 0.91. Now, many resistances are then back to 0.92 and it seems almost certain that these points as 0.9140/50 and 0.9180 will sellers come to reposition itself “and finally, parity has consolidated above 0.9080/70 and to return end the week on 0.9180.

The mixed U.S. data did not dampen the appetite for the dollar strengthened in this by the uncertainties before the French presidential election and especially the vagueness of what could be the composition of the new legislative majority in Greece. Indeed, the risk is ending up on the evening of May 6 with a patchwork of smaller parties making anti-austerity fear the worst about the future of Greece in the euro area. Thus, the traders do not want to take risks and have turned to the dollar currency.
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Technical analysis and forex forecasts GBP-USD for the week of May 7 to 11

The ​​last week, we wrote “Because of this and if we manage to stay under 6280/70, parity may initiate a consolidation for a return to 6180/70 and 6150. The stoploss will be above 6295 and until 6310 “and despite the average figures of U.S. employment, the dollar took the opportunity to regain ground and come back in to finish the week 1.62 against the Pound Sterling in 6152.

As on the Eurodollar, the price should suffer the political events Europeans. English local elections on Friday showed a rejection of the policies of Prime Minister Mr Cameron and although the turnout was low, the Labor Party had taken the bull by the horns across the country. Nevertheless, we can not say that this has greatly affected the pound sterling.
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Analysis of the Currency April 30, 2012


For the session today exchange ratio we can predict the opening of a long position in the case where the price should exceed the price of 1.3250, with the first objective 1.3270 and 1.3290 with the second objective. With regard to a drop of this cross, if the price were to fall below an altitude of 1.3230, then we could close with first lens to 1.3210 and with a second target at 1.3200.


Going to see this exchange ratio, for today we might consider opening a long position if the share price over give 0.8140, by fixing the first lens portion and the second lens 0.8160 0.8180. If the price falls to 0.8120 share, then the first goal at a height of 0.8110 and 0.8800 share for the second goal.
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Technical analysis of forex market April 30,2012

Trend still very bullish on parity with our points still Friday’s high at 3250/60 which are resistances. Our advice in the morning, rumors indicate sales of central banks over 3260 with a 1.33 barrier option that would defend the area. It is clear that whenever we try to pass these levels upward, parity is sent down.
However be careful, because when the cap will jump, rising to 1.33 and above, may be rapid.

Also, vendors will sell slightly 3250/60 with stoploss above 3270 or 3285. Back on 3220/10 is currently the target. Goal that could allow also the MACD 30 mins to go bearish and perhaps return parity to 1.32 in 3180/70.
By cons, a passage over 3270/80 and especially 3295, send parity on 3320/40. Buyers will reposition to purchase over 3205 and 3180/70, with stoploss above 3195 and 3160/55.
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