Technical analysis of forex market Oct 25,2011

Discussions continued yesterday in Brussels and parity remained in the range between 3820 and 3940. Normally, the market should remain stable until tomorrow days of the submission of a plan to end the Crisis. Our board of the morning to the moment we will keep the same reference as yesterday, namely, sell the high points of 1.39/3920/40 with stoploss in 3955/60 to 3880/50/20 and we buys the same points with stoploss of 3795. In terms of technical indicators, MACD is bearish 30 mins this morning as yesterday which refers parity under 1.39.
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Daily technical analysis of forex market – Sept 7,2011

The European Central Bank has taken note of the decision by the SNB to defend the support of the cross 1.2000 EUR / CHF, while warning against the character unilateral initiative. The intervention of the SNB on the cross has boosted the EUR / USD from 1.4050 to 1.4278, before it gradually corrected to 1.3972. This intervention has allowed many investors to sell equity in a difficult situation for the euro area. It will now be the responsibility of the SNB to shoulder the consequences of his action (our short position of 1.4500 was closed under 1.4000). We play the channel of 1.3950- 1.4150 for the next 24 hours.

How to use the lines of trading

The trend lines are the most powerful technical analysis tools that can be used. They allow you to assess trends and their direction, to identify potential reversal levels and to evaluate where to enter the market with a low risk and high yield. It ‘so important to understand how to use forex trend lines.

These lines are basically a level of support or resistance. There is talk of dynamic lines, unlike the static, advancing and change with time. The trend line can thus be a trend upward or downward.

There are two ways to use trend lines in their trading. The first is to consider that the trend lines are a support or resistance, which is a psychological barrier that the price does not break easily. Traders expect the price touches one of these lines and to begin a reversal.
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Daily Technical Analysis of Forex Market May 23,2011

A earlier this week that resembles that of last Monday with a euro back on our low points in 4030/20. Ms. Lagarde’s comments on the possible bankruptcy of a status and ongoing concern about the Greek debt is reinforced fears about the single currency. Our board this morning, the question will be, will T we bounce back on parity on current levels or continue to bear? The MACD 30 mins and 4 are bearish and the area supports between 4020 and 3970 will be crucial for the continuation of the decline. 1.40 is a psychological point and once we’re settled in- below, it is feared that we were going lower.

The rash buy this area supports with stoploss in 3970 (3965/55) for a rebound in 4080 and 4120. 30 mins as the MACD is starting to show slight signs of reversal, we can try to put in small doses. Unfortunately, the 4h is bearish sign of consolidation but also downside risk. In addition, there should be a shift to- above 4150 for the trend turns around. On the downside, and in 3970, it will not be too obstinate because the risk of sudden movement towards 3920.
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Daily Technical analysis of forex market April 22

Along wk Easter began and most of the market in Europe are closed as London, Frankfurt and Zurich. Thus, we should find ourselves in a small market with no real trend. Also pay attention to you. Our board of the morning, 30 mins and 4 hours MACD is bullish and 4580/90 will be our strength this morning for a return on our tallest yesterday 4620/40. Under 4580/90, you can sell parity for 4550.
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Technical analysis of forex market April 11

A week starts and the euro will it continue to rise or we will blow under 1.45? This will be the question of the week. If concerns about Portugal are behind us, it seems that the market will focus on Spain and even if you can not compare the financial situation of both countries. The pressure may increase. 4480 will be our strength up with a MACD 30 mins and 4 hours bullish sign of consolidation early this week. Our board of the morning in 4480, you can sell parity for 4450/20, accompanying the MACD 30 mins bearish.
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Technical analysis of forex market Jan 10

The past week has been painful for the European currency, which slumped against the dollar from 1.3433 to 1.2860! The wait for a rebound extraordinary on the job market in the U.S. United caused an extraordinary demand of the dollar, to figures released Friday. The moving average of 200 days was broken last Thursday, is expected to further pressure on the European currency to 1.2750, before increasing again. Channel fluctuation of 1.2750- 1.3250.

Small market this morning in a range between 2880 and 2930 with a MACD 30 mins on consolidation. However be careful because the MACD is still very bearish 4h and 2870 is our support before a fall
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Analysis of Currencies December 4, 2010


After the climb yesterday, for today’s session of this cross currencies might consider opening a location in the same purchase if the value exceeds the rising price of 1.3260, 1.3280 share by setting a goal and first as the second objective 1.3300 share. If the price of the exchange ratio should break down the value of 1.3080, then we could open a short position with first target for 1.3060 share and 1.3050 share for the second goal.


For the day’s trading today we could open a new long position if the price were to break 0.8490 on the upside of the share, setting the first target for 0.8500 share and 0.8520 share for the second goal. If the price of this exchange ratio would fall below the break of 0.8420 share, then we could open a new short position by placing the primary objective of the share as 0.8400 and 0.8390 share of the second objective.
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Major European economic indicators

Video made by tutoresfx devoted to analyzing macroeconomics indicators for the eurozone. In the above video we are dedicated to data analysis most important fundamental U.S. and its impact on the currency market.

It is known that the forex market moves through the fundamentals and understand the significance of these economic indicators is of utmost importance to understand the appreciation and depreciation of currencies and movements in the market lead.

Among the most important indicators for the euro area are:
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Currencies Summary

Let’s take a look at the performance of the forex market during the week that ended the trading session yesterday. Before looking at the graphs, we say that next week ahead of the days “of fire”, especially with regard to the dollar. In fact, on 2 and 3 November the Fed will meet to decide on the release of additional incentives to stimulate the market and still shooting.

Economists are inclined to think that the Fed would buy securities of U.S. debt, now we must see how many will buy and whether this intervention may have incentives to recovery. In addition, November 2 Barack Obama “plays” the mid-term elections, which are very important. Here’s how the dollar could be of significant shocks in the coming week of trading.

Regarding the performance of the week between euro and dollar, we can see that our currency has gained at the beginning and the end of the week, then losing in the middle of the week. For the next week, before entering the market, you should wait for the decisions and the effects of the Fed.
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